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StyleByte: That '70s Show

From the runway to street style, ‘that '70s show’ is back and in full throttle. With flared jeans, fringe appliqué, and suede galore; you’ll soon feel like you are in a time warp. Many of you shutter think of what you wore then and to image having to slip back into a high waisted denim is simply too much to bare. But fashion is cyclical and a good era will always make a come back. So how do you make the trend work for you without going overboard?



Denim: The simplest way to add a new trend into your life is alway with denim. You are committing to the trend in the most non-commital way. If you are excited for the '70s look then grab yourself a pair of high waisted denim with a wide leg. (Make sure to tuck something into them as you want to accentuate the rise.) If you are a little bit more timid, then try a flared leg (which is a little wider than a typical bootcut; however, after years of the skinny-domination, they feel about the same as your old boot cuts). And if you simply cannot give up your skinnies for a wider leg then add some fringe to your outfit.



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Fringe: Fringe will be hard to miss this summer and fall as it has been applied to most everything. Again if you want to get serious about the '70s style, I would rock a suede fringe coat (with high waisted jeans) or a beautiful suede fringe skirt. For our more timid friend, try an easy shoe, bag, or necklace with the appliqué and you will be excited at how quickly you feel trendy.


One-piece: If you haven’t loved the jumpsuit or romper yet, now is your time. The one-piece style is not going anywhere and it is about time that you tried it. If you're hesitant because you are on the shorter side, try a romper or jumper that has a defined waist as it will be more flattering on your figure without overwhelming your size.



Outerwear: The outerwear going into fall is mind-blowingly good. Between the suedes, the fringe, and the ponchos you are sure to find something that fits within your comfort zone. Throw a poncho over skinny denim or a flare, with a simple flat, boot, or bootie and hit the road.



It is always important with any trend to take it in moderation. If you are going to dawn a flared jean and fringe jacket, then you don’t need a fringe bag and shoes to go with it. Choose one or at the maximum, two focus pieces so that you don’t overwhelm your look. And if you just want to dabble in the style I would stick with flared denim, a fringe shoe, or fringe bag. That will give you the pop that you are looking for without it being too much. Have fun with the trend; remember fashion is supposed to be exciting. But not every trend works for everyone so if this doesn’t feel like the right fit for you then pass on the style. I’ll take confidence over being trendy any day! If you have questions or need some help, stop by the store we are always here to help.

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