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Have you been invited to a wedding this summer? If so then you're probably wondering what to wear, and what on earth you're going to do with your hair and your makeup for the big day! There's no need to get your bridal bloomers in a twist, however. Just have a read through our top tips below:


So how do you go about choosing your wedding outfit? In short, it depends on what kind of wedding you're attending. The clue, if you can't ask outright, can usually be found in the invitation:

It's wedding season!

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Chic and sophisticated? Obviously, avoid all-white (you're not the bride) and all-black (this isn't a funeral, or Paris) ensembles. That said, there's nothing wrong with an on-trend monochrome outfit à la Kate Middleton. Horizontal stripes are the most flattering, but if they're too thin you'll look like you're wearing a hologram in the photographs!

Bohemian or beachy? A maxi-dress is always a good idea if the wedding is going to take place outside. Team it with a pair of wedges and a firmly pinned-on hat and you're good to go!

Trendy? If you're worried about not looking 'cool' enough, stick to a simple dress in one colour, then show your personality through the accessories. Try a chunky graphic cuff or a fun clutch bag.


Once you've decided on your outfit, makeup is the next most important aspect of your look. This year, our two favourite makeup looks are the pop of colour and the subtle smoky eye.

Pop of colour: Keeping your eyes very natural-looking (mascara and a thin line of kohl under the eye) means you can afford to choose a really bold colour for your lips! Bear your outfit in mind when picking your shade.

Subtle smoky eye: Using a grey or brown-toned eyeshadow, give yourself a light smoky eye and a couple of coats of mascara. For your lips, keep them neutral in a nude or natural hue.

Top tip: Don't forget the waterproof mascara!


When it comes to hairstyle, a lot of it depends on whether you're wearing a hat/head-piece or not. Our favourite wedding guest hairstyles that we've seen so far this season have included pretty half-up hairstyles and, of course, braids.

So now you have your wedding look sorted, you can relax and focus on the celebrations. Have fun!

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Quick 5-minute beauty tips

With our long hours at work and a house to clean, sometimes beauty can be the last thing on a girl's mind. But it shouldn't be neglected. With these quick tips and beauty tricks, you'll only need 5 minutes to look awake, refreshed and beautiful.

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1. Remember to wash your face properly

This tip may seem like an obvious one but it's an important rule to follow. So often I get in from work, tidy the house, cook dinner then want to fall straight into bed. In the rush to get to sleep all I want to do is take my make-up off with a wipe but I have learnt to stop myself and do the job properly. Thoroughly cleansing your face makes the world of difference to your skin and has endless benefits. I find I'm much less prone to breakouts, my skin is healthier and more hydrated and it looks fresher meaning I need less foundation the next day.

Now, the problem with washing your face properly is - it's not as easy as it looks on the adverts! The models never seem to get it in their eyes, their hair doesn't get in the way and... they don't end up soaking their selves and their bathroom as they try to rinse the stuff off. I put on a hair band, rub a cleanser into my dry skin, removing the makeup, then use a warm, damp face cloth to rub the product off my face. Using a face cloth also means your skin is lightly exfoliated as well as cleansed, saving you even more time! Choose a cleanser designed for your skin type; even a cheap one will give you lovely skin compared to using wipes.

2. Are you using the right beauty tools?

It's surprising how much time you can save on makeup application when you use the right tools to apply it. For years I used a foundation brush to apply my product; taking care to blend for several minutes and in the right directions to get foundation right under my eyes and around the hairline. These days there are several products on the market that make this job much easier and quicker! My favourite is to use a damp, egg-shaped sponge. I dab the foundation allover my face then lightly bounce the sponge on my skin to get a flawless finish in a matter of seconds.

3. Spot your facial target areas

Most people don't need a full face of foundation every day, many of us just wear it out of habit. Targeting just the areas that need a little cover up will save you time and money, as you will use less product. Buy a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it under the eyes, on breakouts or on any other blemishes you may have. Use a brush, damp sponge or your finger to blend the product out then set with powder.

4. Lips, make a statement!

Even with only a few minutes to apply your face, your makeup can still make a statement. Take 2 minutes to apply concealer or BB cream on your face, maybe a little blusher and mascara then draw attention to your lips with a bold colour. Orange is said to be the colour of the year but I'm not brave enough for that! Instead I go for a bright pink colour that suits my complexion.

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