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That big, fat beach wedding

A wedding reception by the sea with the moon and stars playing guests is the kind of romantic wedding that would leave most couples ecstatic.

Weddings on the beach are becoming quite popular with Chennaiites who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city say hoteliers, travel agents, wedding planners and event managers.

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“The trend began some five years ago and has slowly caught on with more and more couples opting for weddings by the sea or the pool side. A dinner banquet by the sea has a different feel all together. It’s a value addition only beach resorts can offer. Some couples who look for good rates find weekday weddings comfortable in resorts. There are also people who just host the reception at resorts,” said M.K. Ajit Kumar, CEO, Asia Pacific Tours.

Both couples M. Smitha and G. Murali and T. Alexander and A. Preethi were on the lookout for something new when they zeroed in on weddings at beach resorts on the ECR. Smitha said that the staff at the beach resort in Muttukadu was extremely helpful. “They made all the arrangements, which was a big relief since we had only come down for two weeks for the wedding,” she said.

According to freelance photographer N. Manogar, many elite weddings have shifted to ECR and for the more exclusive weddings, people prefer either their own houses or rent beach houses. The trends for wedding photo shoots have also changed, with many people preferring an outdoor shoot on the beach, he said.

G. Sarathy, who owns a beach house in Uthandi, said that in the past two years, there have been a number of requests from his friends and relatives to borrow or rent the place to host weddings or receptions. Wedding planners Jai Mundra and Hemal Mundra of Beep Weddings said that even weddings where a havan (fire) is required are also happening by the sea. “Around 30 -35 per cent of the weddings we organise happen at resorts. We are seeing people’s perceptions change. Traditionally, the couple has to face the east, but with the sea, now many don’t mind facing the other way so that they get good photos,” they said.

Shreya Prakash and Siddhartha Das, who work in Mumbai, chose a beachside wedding because their families wanted a natural setting. “My mother wanted the sea, the sky, the birds and the trees — everything witnessing the wedding and not just humans since a wedding is the most important thing in a person’s life,” said Shreya.

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