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Wedding preparations should be careful and careful


After all, marriage is a lifetime event, so many things can not be finished hastily, everything should be handled properly. Think it over so you can have a perfect wedding.

Wedding planning considerations, marriage is a lifetime of things, so on the preparation of the wedding, of course, be careful careful, avoid a lot of mistakes, although the wedding preparation is a complex thing, a lot of new people will be contracted to wedding wedding planning company, but even so, in the early stage of the wedding, the couple still pay attention to the wedding preparations for the matters needing attention.

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1. Wedding diamond ring

The popular now is marriage diamond ring, accordingly when choosing wedding ring, had better choose formal businessman to buy, the requirement level of to diamond should differ from person to person at the same time, decide according to oneself economic level, also should plan the expense of wedding fund in this respect as a whole at the same time.

2. Wedding reception

The most important part of the wedding is the wedding banquet, which is also the most expensive. The scale and size of the wedding depends entirely on one's own preferences and strength.

Drinks and cigarettes: if you're not satisfied with the drinks the hotel offers, bring some yourself.

Wedding cake: the wedding cake can be customized at the hotel where the wedding party is held, or it can be delivered to the hotel after being made by a special cake shop, but the delivery fee should be considered.

Wedding officiator: if your wedding requires a wedding officiator (or wedding officiator) from the wedding company, the cost will be included.

The wedding will receive some red envelopes from the guests, but also remember to prepare some red envelopes for the children to attend the wedding. The cost of a wedding invitation, though small, should be included.

3. Wedding photography

If to "the price of the wedding dress and accessories selected old, do not use make up water can't cover the skin problem, if the bra to in-store pretty instead of glass would show effect" these unexpected on location factors, as well as their advance with several sets of wedding dresses and accessories, such as the request is not high, picture taken at the time of the wedding dress and accessories each spend one hundred yuan can choose and buy, the effect of the taken out completely convincing. Remind new people with bad skin, bring your own bottle. Bra side can be pre - lactated. "Unexpected" factors tend to increase the cost by 34, 000 yuan, while this rule is reduced to less than 500 yuan.

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Choose the location and scope of wedding photography agency bride and groom to choose from


When choosing a wedding photography agency, several major choices are service attitude, clothing and accessories. As for the shooting level, that is the most unreliable. The makeup, scenery, lighting and composition methods of wedding photos are similar, and the sample is not much wrong. But usually formal wedding photography studio, the level of the photographer is guaranteed, so can skip over.

Choose the location and scope of wedding photography agency bride and groom to choose from

First take a look at selected object scope of service, to pick the only studio interior pick specializing interior (specificity), to carry on location only pick specializing on location, people can't be everything is fine (excluding large wedding dress company), is generally recommended that on the premise of economic power, selected the top 10 wedding photography company, but don't more people went there.

The choice of studio interior: several major options are service attitude, clothing and accessories, and as for the level of photography, that's the least reliable. The makeup, scenery, lighting and composition methods of wedding photos are similar, and the sample is not much wrong. But usually formal studio, the level of the photographer is guaranteed, so can skip over. In fact the main is to look at the real guest piece, of course there are a lot of studio will only give you see sample album, but you can try to fight for, see with you about the condition of the guest, you basically can expect you finally get a photo album, it also can calm you eventually complained beforehand, but not on the level of the studio, in fact just said, the studio is shouldering the important task of everyone is to be made into a fairy, it easily?

In addition, when you visit the clothes, the most beautiful ones may not be for you to wear for nothing. They may need extra money.

Studio on location choice: the main is to choose the location of studio shooting location if you want to view, and the scenery can't single, if single, as well as in the interior, like a sea, or a lake, the single is pretty good, but to see a photo album is boring as hell, there should be a blue sky white clouds usually locations, with mountains, water, forest, if can have the prairie, snow mountain is perfect, at the same time on the route to mature and easy to reach.

Note: selected location studio must see their routine, it is best not to live up to his proposal to open a new view can be very beautiful, but not mature route, a premature lines in ChiZhuHang, photographer on location scouting, schedule will have a lot of problems, is usually not over budget, is to reduce the location point, in layman's terms, a premature lines must need you to make foreshadowing (unless you want to).

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create a queen style wedding photo


In 2014, the year of the horse is a lot of implied meaning, in order to get better heat, a lot of people immediately put a dollar coin called rich, immediately put on the back of the horse as soon as the object is called object, in 2014, I think each of us has a lot of desire, also some people hope to be able to follow their own the other half of shooting good photos, wedding is the beginning of the dream of a woman's life, each wedding dress design, of course, to be good enough,

Maybe some of the girls in character is careless, not a little girl of that kind of gentle breath, may he their hair is short, so how should face neutral brides in studios to choose their own marriage gauze, may have seen little era of brides may know, that the little black dress in the gu was special noble, streamline brown hair collocation gives red lips let many brides for the monster, I think, this spell able exquisite modelling also is very good oh!

There is a kind of feeling is great figure of a bride, so exquisite lines is highlighting one of the best, simple fishtail wedding dress yes classic wedding dresses, the wedding dress especially easy to draw the outline of the new people especially in shape design, give their sexy "S" shape to good stand out, women in the wedding studio footage of sexy amorous feelings.

Said the delicate and sexy, so have the queen's wedding dress style is also makes brides special attention, let the queen's demeanor, may build on wedding dresses is particularly demanding, long tail wedding dress with the most delicate makeup look, also represents the temperament of the queen's crown, plus hazy veil, the queen's temperament is so arises spontaneously oh! Let your wonderful moments be recorded in the wedding photography studio forever!

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