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What should the bride pay special attention to on her wedding day


If you want to get your best shot on the day of your wedding shoot, take a look at the smiley faces.

What should the bride pay special attention to on her wedding day

1. When the girl turns her head back, please turn her body slightly. It is better not to keep still and only turn her head. Look in the mirror and see if that's the way it is.

2. Pat rockhopper, pay attention to the hat, don't be slanting, because photos will be obvious. (take pictures on the same day you can remind photography assistant, help to see if there are any problems) is especially arranged rockhopper more should pay attention to when the last set of, everyone is a little bit tired at this moment, I'm afraid spirit will some distractions, notice a little slanting hat band. In the end, it may lead to the failure of many phoenix-topped films, which is a pity.

3. Try not to get too close to the phoenix crown when doing actions, because the hat of the phoenix crown is bigger, and "fight" when it is too close. If there is an approach, ask the photographer to help you see if the two hats are fighting.

4. If the phoenix crown wants to shoot back and forth, don't be afraid of trouble when changing the hat, but change the fake cushion on the head to LG, otherwise LG will suffer a lot and have a big print on the head after shooting.

If you're feeling awkward while listening to an assistant or photographer pose, don't do it because it's not natural to do so. Say it whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Try to make your own pose as much as possible, because it will feel more natural when you take a picture.

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Disposable wedding dresses to deal with wedding dress trouble


A lot of bride can have such worry, do not know to should spend big price to buy marriage gauze dress, still rent a marriage gauze with cheap price, general marriage gauze dress is worn only once, do not need to spend big sum to buy, but marriage is a lifetime thing, marriage gauze dress should be worth to collect more.

Most brides are baffled by the question of what to do with their wedding dress after the ceremony, but a study by a British college student has just provided a solution. Wedding dress after the wedding, people generally carefully hidden it in the bottom of the box, preservation for a lifetime, but cleaning is a big problem. She believes the new product, which combines art and technology, explores the diversity of people's choice of clothing materials and will also challenge modern society's attitudes towards one-off fashion. It seems that in order to reduce the impact of fashion on the environment, the fashion industry must change some traditional practices, in the future development of disposable wedding dresses will open up a new market. But longgang's wedding photos remind brides wearing the wedding dress to keep an umbrella in reserve, because rain and wet body may be bad things. It seems that this design is not perfect.

The disposable wedding dress that rolls out now solved the bride to deal with the annoyance of wedding dress formal attire, also reduced fashionable dress to the influence of environment, have high cost performance more, chase fashionable MM might as well try.

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Wedding preparations should be careful and careful


After all, marriage is a lifetime event, so many things can not be finished hastily, everything should be handled properly. Think it over so you can have a perfect wedding.

Wedding planning considerations, marriage is a lifetime of things, so on the preparation of the wedding, of course, be careful careful, avoid a lot of mistakes, although the wedding preparation is a complex thing, a lot of new people will be contracted to wedding wedding planning company, but even so, in the early stage of the wedding, the couple still pay attention to the wedding preparations for the matters needing attention.

Pictures are provided by wind - loaded photography

1. Wedding diamond ring

The popular now is marriage diamond ring, accordingly when choosing wedding ring, had better choose formal businessman to buy, the requirement level of to diamond should differ from person to person at the same time, decide according to oneself economic level, also should plan the expense of wedding fund in this respect as a whole at the same time.

2. Wedding reception

The most important part of the wedding is the wedding banquet, which is also the most expensive. The scale and size of the wedding depends entirely on one's own preferences and strength.

Drinks and cigarettes: if you're not satisfied with the drinks the hotel offers, bring some yourself.

Wedding cake: the wedding cake can be customized at the hotel where the wedding party is held, or it can be delivered to the hotel after being made by a special cake shop, but the delivery fee should be considered.

Wedding officiator: if your wedding requires a wedding officiator (or wedding officiator) from the wedding company, the cost will be included.

The wedding will receive some red envelopes from the guests, but also remember to prepare some red envelopes for the children to attend the wedding. The cost of a wedding invitation, though small, should be included.

3. Wedding photography

If to "the price of the wedding dress and accessories selected old, do not use make up water can't cover the skin problem, if the bra to in-store pretty instead of glass would show effect" these unexpected on location factors, as well as their advance with several sets of wedding dresses and accessories, such as the request is not high, picture taken at the time of the wedding dress and accessories each spend one hundred yuan can choose and buy, the effect of the taken out completely convincing. Remind new people with bad skin, bring your own bottle. Bra side can be pre - lactated. "Unexpected" factors tend to increase the cost by 34, 000 yuan, while this rule is reduced to less than 500 yuan.

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