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How to Make a Statement With These Minimalist Jewelry Pieces

Adding jewelry pieces to an outfit is a great way to take your look to another level as it can dress up any ensemble. Chunky rings and necklaces are great but dainty jewelry gives you more variety. With these types of accessories you can layer different designs like mixing metals and stacking different sized rings. You can also layer necklaces of different lengths and wear a bunch of chain bracelets. We’ve listed some stores that offer dainty jewelry pieces so you can start shopping this week.


Cinta is a local brand that uses raw metals that are sustainably sourced. They offer rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and earrings. What is most interesting about their jewelry is the design. They create unique shapes that you might not have seen before.

Heart & Bolt

Jewelry from Heart & Bolt mixes different materials for each piece. They have chain and cord bracelets with charms or bangles with different stones. You can pick from their many designs or have a piece made especially for you.

Stockton Row

Despite their jewelry pieces being dainty, they stand out. Silver and gold metals are mixed with bright stones in blue, pink, and red. They even have zodiac-inspired pieces if you are into your astrology sign.


Mejuri works with jewelers in both Toronto and Seoul to deliver luxurious pieces that use ethically sourced materials like diamonds and chains. Their line ranges from chain bracelets to birthstone necklaces and even thread through earrings.

Micki Olaguer

Micki Olaguer makes her jewelry designs pop with her use of geometric shapes and colorful stones. Her dangling earrings are the perfect accessory that will frame your face and complete any outfit.


Namì, which means nice in Ilonggo, is a brand that creates timeless jewelry that you can wear everyday with any outfit. The pieces are crafted from sterling silver and are handmade in the Philippines. Their collections feature chokers, toe rings, and bangles to name a few.

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Rizik’s has been dressing D.C. women

Rizik’s has been dressing D.C. women since Teddy Roosevelt was president. It’s not stopping now

It wouldn’t have been surprising if Rizik’s had closed.

After 109 years in business, much of it from the corner of Connecticut Avenue and L Street in Northwest Washington, the family-owned fashion boutique had run out of family members who wanted to devote their professional lives to hemlines, alterations and the ever-changing moods of first-time brides. A good percentage of the store’s loyal customer base had retired, moved away or died. The Internet had upended the model for independent retail. Rizik’s was not a business with a bright, shining future. It was “challenged,” as one family member diplomatically described it.

But Rizik’s didn’t close. Despite the familial shifts, the cultural upheaval and the dying off, Rizik’s refused to go quietly into history.

Instead, at the end of July 2016, Rizik’s shuttered its doors. Not for good, a sign promised, but for a major renovation — one that dragged on and left more than a few people suspicious that the darkened interior was really just the beginning of the end. “I was not confident at all they’d reopen,” said customer Janet Janjigian.

But then, on April 17, Rizik’s returned. There was no party. No drumroll. The family just turned on the lights and unlocked the doors.

It wasn’t dramatic, but it was remarkable.

The store, originally called Rizik Brothers, opened at F and 15th streets in 1908, a time when life moved more slowly and with greater formality.

The Rizik brothers had come from Lebanon at the turn of the 20th century and established themselves as haberdashers importing lace from Europe. After saving a bit of seed money, they opened their own dress shop and began selling ready-to-wear, which was beginning to blossom in New York.

Rizik’s catered to the well-to-do, to women who had social clout and busy social calendars. The brothers became known for their attention to detail and their customer service. A woman in a pinch could walk into the boutique, buy an evening gown for a formal dinner later that same day, and have it altered in time to make the cocktail hour.

In its heyday, which lasted into the late 1980s, when gross sales were reportedly about $4 million a year, customers from Mamie Eisenhower to journalist Helen Thomas shopped there for professional wardrobes and inaugural ballgowns, wedding dresses and little pick-me-ups.

There was nothing edgy about Rizik’s. It was a store filled with glimmering chandeliers and soft love seats, deep pile carpeting and hushed tones. The day-to-day business was overseen by two second-generation sisters: Miss Renee and Miss Maxine, who even today have a quietly firm demeanor, but one that always allowed for this mantra: The customer is always right.

“If the customer says it’s black and you know it’s navy — it’s black,” says Maxine Rizik Tanous. “You never asked a customer her size. You never asked what she wanted to pay. You asked her what she wanted. And whatever she wanted, you gave it to her. You never let a customer go out disappointed.”

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Princess Diana for Fall

How Fendi, Tod’s & Giambattista Valli All Channeled Princess Diana for Fall

From pearls to queenly cardies*, we’ll soon all be doing it regal style for fall 2017. However, there was another, less obvious wave of royal inspo on the runways of Milan and Paris. Brands including Tod’s, Giambattista Valli and Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi all teamed bright-red ensembles with matching footwear and bags. The surprising source for this mono-blocking trend could well be the late Princess of Wales.

It’s 20 years since Princess Diana died and, the documentary that everyone’s talking about notwithstanding, her style is still insinuating itself into our contemporary wardrobes. The princess’ sartorial purple period was the 1980s, and she favored an all-over shade of red — a passion that extended well into the 1990s.

But the monotone shade wasn’t the only common denominator to translate into the current vogue. Note the kitten heels. At over 5-foot-8, she was the same height as Prince Charles, which goes some way in explaining her fondness for a kitten.

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