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Wedding dress with shoes need to pay attention to matters


The most common wedding dress for weddings is white. This may be influenced by Snow White in the fairy tale. It is indeed very beautiful and generous to wear a white wedding dress. This is also an important reason for many brides to choose a white wedding dress. What we want to say today is not Just a wedding dress, but to explore the mix of white wedding dress and wedding shoes, this can reflect the bride's temperament as a whole. Chengdu wedding photography below with you to understand the next.
1, it must be noted that the white wedding dress must not be equipped with red shoes. Because the red shoes jumped into the fire pit, they could not bring red flowers, red belts, red pants and other red things, because white represents purity, while red is the opposite. White wedding dresses should be paired with white, gold or silver shoes.
2, can not be with red underwear. As with the shoes, there are often brides wearing red underwear when wearing a wedding dress, there is also the problem of inconsistencies, and may not match the wedding, there is a fit, color exposure and other embarrassing situation, so it is best to order or buy At the same time as wedding dresses, special underwear is purchased.
3, wear white wedding dress do not make big makeup. The bride in the wedding should be generous and graceful, fresh and elegant, and this beauty should not be too bright and superfluous. Do not put all the ornaments that are considered beautiful on themselves, and the bridal makeup should be a dignified lady. After all, a white wedding dress can't be adorned with glamorous red lips. It's too incongruous.
4, if the bride wears a white wedding dress, the groom is best to make light makeup. The groom is also the protagonist of the wedding. When the bride wears a white wedding dress, the bridegroom must not unkempt. So the groom should also take care of the make-up artist before leaving the court. In addition to being clean and tidy, it is also best to make some makeup. Nowadays, weddings are basically required to be videotaped. If you don't use make-up, the groom's face may look pale in the spotlight, and the wedding impression left behind is obviously not satisfactory.
5. Do not make mistakes with flowers. Wearing a white wedding dress, holding flowers is currently the most error-prone part of the wedding, often the bride is wearing a white wedding dress, holding a large bundle of red roses, and this kind of bouquet is used in Chinese wedding. The correct match should be a Western-style bouquet, and it should not take flowers that are too colorful.


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Bridal gown jewelry fashion


When choosing the jewelry to be worn at the wedding, it is generally matched with the color of the clothing. The bride wearing a white wedding dress usually chooses platinum, diamonds, crystals, pearls and other materials, while the bride wearing traditional dresses tends to choose jewelry such as gold, jade and jade, but for the avant-garde bride, it is no longer Being immersed in wedding dresses and cheongsams, the colors and styles are also based on personality and beauty. The choice of jewellery is more spacious and the experimental avant-garde style will be warmly welcomed.
Western-style modern white wedding dress with white jewelry
In the solemn church oath, holding a wedding reception and buffet buffet on the lawn of the square, white wedding dresses and suits are the most solemn choices. Choose a romantic European wedding, let the holy white yarn hold in the hands of the flower girl, bright jewelry will be the crowning touch of this wedding.
Matching guide: white wedding dress is best with silver jewelry, diamonds, platinum, crystal, pearls are suitable materials. European-style vine design, classic elegant decorative style, modern minimalist style can choose. In European weddings, many people will choose large-shaped neck ornaments and headdresses, but some people will not use them at all.



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How much is the wedding invitation budget



Everything has to be budgeted now. Budget for house decoration, hotel setting, wedding celebrations, appointed director and wedding photo must be budgeted. Happy posts are also budgeted. The price is from a few yuan to dozens of yuan, and the decimal is afraid of a long plan, so we should first budget a sum of money, such as 300 yuan, and then calculate a few happy posts. In addition to your friends and family members, you can also convey the wedding banquet, the venue and date of the ceremony, and who is the wedding partner. To make a list of the list to be invited, calculate how many Zhang Xitie will be sent, and add about 10%, to make a mistake in budgeting, or to write it wrong, like to be prepared and not, first to the relatives, with a very positive red, because of the celebration, to the colleagues and friends, to make a more personality, if the wedding budget is not enough, it will be unified. If the wedding budget is not enough, it will be unified. If the wedding budget is not enough, it will unify. If the wedding budget is not enough, it will unify. If the wedding budget is not enough, it will unify Choose a kind of distribution!