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Crimped Hair

From poodle perms to monstrous mullets, the Eighties were rarely considered revolutionary in the hairstyle stakes, but there’s one retro style that’s unexpectedly rearing its crinkle-cut head once again – the crimp.

A look that’s attempted to break into the mainstream pretty much every decade since – think Britney and Christina Aguilera circa 2000 – here we are, in 2017, and crimped hair is officially back in vogue.

More relevant than ever, the hairstyle is infiltrating our Insta feeds and the runways with Gucci kickstarting the trend late last year with models flaunting their larger-than-life crimped dos.

Fast forward and the look has really taken off in the fashion world with hair at Marc Jacobs drawing inspiration straight from the 1980s, with fantastically dramatic height, while Adam Selman crimped and gathered his models’ locks into a bun. But, this isn’t a look reserved only for high fashion. Oh no, because GHD – arguably the most influential haircare brand on the planet – is launching its very own crimping tool. Enter, the GHD Contour.

In line with this season’s obsession with texture and 1980s-inspired looks, the brand is introducing the limited edition tool as part of the GHD nocturne collection and will be available for AW17 only.

“Texture and crimping is definitely back, but not as you know it,” says Adam Reed, GHD global ambassador.

“It’s now a lot softer and more subtle than it used to be, and it’s certainly more wearable.

“Crimping is a session stylist’s secret to creating incredible volume and big hair. We all carry a crimper in our kit as they’re incredible for adding volume and texture, so I’m thrilled to be involved in creating this new super tool for GHD!”

The Contour, just like the brand’s other tools, will feature advanced ceramic heat technology and multi-dimensional plates that will help you instantly add depth, volume and shape to any look.

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Lily Kwong's Living Botanical Installation in L.A.

Inside Floral Architect Lily Kwong's Living Botanical Installation in L.A.

Fresh off its New York City launch last month, model turned floral architect Lily Kwong's botanical installation in collaboration with St-Germain liqueur landed in Los Angeles for a one-night-only visual experience Wednesday at the legendary Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills. A mix of L.A.'s cool kids — Olivia Culpo, Dita Von Tease, stylist Johnny Wujek, Cleo Wade and Michelle Trachtenberg — were on the scene, while D.J. Chelsea Leyland spun some tunes.

The floral architect's vision was to cultivate an immersive discovery experience for modern "bon vivants." Says Kwong: "I was deeply inspired by the project site. I wanted to layer the landscape with dynamic performances and art pieces ranging from dance to archival 'magic' projected films to a sound installation featuring sacred tones."

The visual experience featured elements of magical realism and illusions; magicians, a performance by art organization No)one. Art House, improvisational sound art by Patrick Belaga and Celtic tarot reading were enjoyed by guests throughout the five-acre property. Vintage black-and-white films were projected in gazebos, and the creation of a "Light Maison," made out of projected lights and hanging flowers, was a highlight among guests who flocked to snap photos.

"Lily's take for L.A. includes discovery moments throughout the estate that still has caves, hidden tunnels, and terraced gardens," says St-Germain brand ambassador Camille Ralph Vidal. "Her romantic-yet-whimsical journey celebrates the joyful decadence of summer indulgence, with an opportunity for guests to enjoy a rare fleeting moment of exuberance in the spirit of 1920s années folles."

Following the event, all florals were donated to 14th Factory Gallery in downtown Los Angeles to accompany the "Garlands" installation's disassembly, creating a one-day pop-up floral shop experience, where flowers will be gifted to the community of Lincoln Heights and greater Los Angeles.

To experience the over-the-top glamor of the event yourself, scroll through photos below of the insanely gorgeous event.

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The Story Behind Princess Diana's Iconic Wedding Dress

It's hard to believe that Princess Diana was still a teenager when she first headed into designer Elizabeth Emanuel's studio for her first wedding dress fitting, but the 19-year-old was already becoming the woman the world would watch walk down the aisle on her wedding day. And Emanuel, who now runs her own fashion line, is sharing exactly what it was like to work with the future princess.


It turns out that when the then-Lady Diana Spencer first called the studio, Emanuel made a mistake about her name–and was completely surprised when the king's fiancée walked in for that initial meeting. "There was instant recognition when she walked through the door," the designer shared, according to People.

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Emanuel and her husband David went on to create the iconic gown in complete secrecy, and Emanuel notes that their decision to make Diana's bridal train as long as possible was largely because "St. Paul's Cathedral is a really big area to fill." "She was just lovely, really kind of easy going," she said of the princess. "We never had any special instructions about how to make the wedding dress. That added a bit to the fun of it all, made it a bit of an adventure."

And as for the big day itself? That low-key approach remained consistent. Bridesmaid India Hicks shared that Diana wore jeans and watched TV while her tiara was placed on her head, and Emanuel recalls a similarly put-together princess. "She was incredibly together and wasn't panicking," the designer recalled. "But I was really worried about all things that could possibly go wrong. We'd taken smelling salts, glucose tablets–what if she feels faint? What if she passes out? Spills something down her skirt? I had this kind of horror that maybe the train would drop off. We sewed her into things, we pinned her into things."

Fortunately, the big moment passed without incident. "It's always been about a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis," Emanuel said. "And that is her story, really. She was emerging into a new world, a new life's adventure."

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