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Chic hair ornaments make the most beautiful dream bride


Chic hair is acted the role of make the most beautiful dreamy bride come down a day, not only exhaustion is worn out, and may get nothing. Knee-length wedding dress (lovely feeling) skirt only to the knee up and down, the overall feeling is quite light and lovely, suitable for more relaxed outdoor banquet and overseas wedding. Suitable for: soft long hair, slightly curly hair ends, thick hair volume: 1. 2. Apply a little wash - free conditioner to the ends of hair; Place your hair around the end of your ponytail and use a hairpin to secure the ends. 4. Fix hair with hair spray; Place the butterfly hairpin around the bun.

It's important to try on the dress carefully, not only to make sure you look great at the wedding, but also to look elegant and comfortable. Since ancient European countries is clerical U.S.A, people get married must go to the church for the priest or a pastor's prayer and blessing, so as to calculate the formal legal marriage, so, the ceremony the bride wear white suit to god said sincere and pure. Make sure that if you need to customize the wedding dress, it is best to start selecting the wedding dress one year in advance. The minimum time is no less than 9 months.

Still have two small problems not to mention: it is to collect wedding dress before must wash hands, must not stick on cosmetics, otherwise a long time, there will be small yellow spot on the wedding dress; Still have, the big skirt hoop inside marriage gauze can twist rise collect, but every year when sunning clothes, want to restore skirt hoop original form, lest it lose flexibility. ? Are you confused about your hairstyle on the day of your outdoor wedding? What kind of hair style is in harmony with the overall design of your wedding? Does your bride's hair accentuate your personality? Teach you a few tricks of the trade today to create a more imaginative bridal look! Step into the wedding hall of that moment, show the most beautiful side, must use all sorts of magic to dress up beautiful baby, hair act the role of, can bring the bride the fashionable good with thousands of amorous feelings namely.

If the satin series of products, generally a layer of imported thick forging and a layer of lining can achieve a good effect. Delicate butterfly dance 1, hairstyle design delicate butterfly dance as if fluttering butterfly flutters among hair to dance, lightsome jump gives the temperament that fine beauty moves moving, make the modelling of the bride adds more clever and pure and fresh lasting appeal. Of course, it's a good idea to rent one from a wedding dress shop or movie studio, which can save a lot of money. Since the waist is not quite obvious, the overall feeling from top to bottom is a straight line, and the overall feeling will look taller.

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Wedding dress technology


Wedding dresses are usually satin; Yarn fabrics; Or lace fabric, most wedding dresses are one of the main materials, and can be used with a variety of materials. The quality of fabric and workmanship is difficult to distinguish from the picture, but if you see the material, the quality of fabric and workmanship is obvious! Therefore, the price gap of wedding dresses is in the fabric and workmanship, of course, there is no shortage of brand and operating costs.

The production of wedding dress is a combination of machinist and handwork, good wedding dress handwork is a large part of the! In the TV series, there are three daughters sewing wedding dresses for their mother in >. It is believed that such wedding dresses cannot be measured by the value of money!

The adornment such as the bead piece lace embroider piece of bridal gown upper part is worker a needle seam go up, do a good job to sew even, won't have drape and line head, and can very firm, won't fall off easily! And the quality of the beads used is also very different, the pros and cons of the material goods are very easy to distinguish! The part that craft is inferior to is about to be less with manual seaming relatively, and not strong enough, very easy take off line. So can see the attentiveness of the worker from a wedding dress!

From the picture can only see the quality of the design, the number of handwork, but the greater difference in the quality of the craft is still in the wedding! A good wedding dress will be lined with fully enclosed technology, and the upper body will use about 10 fish bones, support the model, and waist or back with tight belt and seat belt! It makes the wearer feel comfortable clothing, especially the style it is important that wipe a bosom, fishbone and seat belts, not always worry will fall, but technology will be very easy to solve such a problem that which is good!

General process is to two pieces of good cutting material stitched together, there are not many bones support, at most, only have two in the chest, cup cover is exposed at the same time, although the craft simple, but does not affect wearing! Because all you see is the outside effect! No matter what kind of craft, the most important thing that chooses wedding dress is oneself like, suit oneself to go! Hope above a little thing can have reference to everybody when choosing wedding dress and help, still can add a few new information for the net friend in the future!

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Choose wedding dress,


Show your strengths.

Take a good look in the mirror and decide what kind of dress you want to wear. If you have beautiful legs, shorten the skirt

2. Changes are allowed.

Don't think it will fit perfectly the first time you try it on. Ask a tailor or do it yourself. You don't have to give up on a desirable marriage just because its sleeves are too long or the hem doesn't fit.

3. Suitable lining.

The right petticoat gives you a smooth silhouette. Instead of decreasing your attractiveness, curves increase your attractiveness.

All kinds of white.

True pure white can make anyone's skin look pale. Ivory color also has its weakness, when choosing, must be careful not to bring too much yellow.

Don't be afraid of patterns.

As long as you like, and choose the right size and scale can be used, even if it is a dot or horizontal bar.

6. Attach importance to attachments.

Shoes and jewelry must match the outfit. If you love a particular style, whether it's a necklace or a pair of bracelets, be careful not to overshadow your dress. The secret is one word: balance.

Excessive decoration.

If your dress is heavily decorated, it's best to keep it simple. Balance remains key.

Show people.

Focus on yourself, not on a fashionable dress. As one fashion executive put it: "make yourself the center of attention, not my dress!"

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