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Wen Hao ladies beige wedding dress


Regardless of the bride of the East or West, the classic bride temperament created by the subtle and sweet image has always been the most respected mainstream. Delicate and lightweight rice white gauze, dexterous and delicate wrinkles, just the right strap design, not only looks dignified, stable, internal show, but also show the bride a beautiful shoulder, neck, back curve. Coupled with the classic princess-style plate hair and light-colored ball-shaped bouquet, it successfully created an impeccable perfect bride.

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Mint bride wedding dress


Mint bride took the lead in Zhengzhou to open up an independent designer brand wedding dress rental business, allowing customers to easily experience designer work, and provide full dress maintenance and professional tailor tailoring services. The club has a private and comfortable test environment, professional intimate dress consultants, hundreds of wedding dresses for the bride to try on the spot selection, and equipped with professional tailors to provide comprehensive and detailed after-sales service for the bride.
Mint Bride will continue to explore and introduce more exquisite and unique wedding dress brands, change the "fate" of the wedding wedding props itself, so that each piece of clothing has been given the meaning of love. The designer brand collection shop that makes the most professional new concept.



The meaning of white wedding dress


Why is a wedding dress white? It is like why Chinese weddings are married like red wedding dresses. It is a Western tradition to wear a wedding dress when you are married. Wearing a wedding dress when you are married means that the bride is holy and innocent. It also means that the future will be bright and flat. In China, Lily is the symbol of lilies. For centuries, the bride who wears a wedding dress is like a lily fairy.
White, pure
. In modern wedding culture, the white wedding dress has become the most crucial part. No matter which country,
In addition to their own traditional wedding etiquette, new people have chosen white wedding dresses. Every girl has a dream since childhood: When can I put on that beautiful white wedding dress too? Why is the wedding dress white? This goes back to the Roman era, when white
Symbolizes the celebration, and after the nineteenth century, the day when Queen Victoria of England was married, she wore the first white wedding dress in history. Since then, women have been married to wear white wedding dresses. Before this, the wedding dress worn by the British royal family was an evening gown full of jewelry and silver ornaments, plus a fur coat.
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