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What can't be done with wedding photos


We all know that a lot of preparation work to do before photography, but before the photography also has a lot of things can't be done, we usually will tell us what things to do, and will not let us alert not to do something. Details determine success or failure. A place is not done well, which has an impact on wedding photos. Next, I will tell you what can not be done before taking wedding photos.

1. We cannot go to the barber shop to have a haircut the day before the shooting. If we want a haircut, we should finish it a week in advance. Only in this way can we ensure that our hair looks very natural on the day of shooting. Also, be careful not to use conditioner when you wash your hair the day before the shoot. It can affect the make-up artist's inability to take care of our hair the next day.

2, before filming can't stay up late, to sleep early, stay up late not only affects our second day of filming, and some people because of staying up late is easy to appear black rim of the eye, the next day no spirit, thus affecting the second day of filming, eventually lead to take pictures of the out.

3. Although the current software is quite strong, it can help us remove some unbeautiful places, such as cartographic software such as meituxiu and ps. Just think, if our photos are heavily modified through these changes, does the most fundamental meaning of our wedding photos still exist? With these software, we can remove the fine lines on our face slightly. Don't modify them too much. Let us show our true side.

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Preparations for summer wedding photos


Summer arrived, the fr8121799988_1772767865.jpgagrant flowers, green grass, clear blue sky, at this time will be the best time of photography, many couples choose to shoot wedding photos, to leave a good memories of their love, but in the summer, photography is a place where there are a lot of attention should be paid to heat, heat stroke, sunscreen, makeup, mosquitoes, and so on questions, the studio staff will remind you.

Marriage is a great joy, so couples are willing to take the perfect outdoor wedding picture even in the hot sun. At this point, you need to do a good job of sun protection, sunscreen is essential, this new people when shooting with makeup artists in advance communication. In order to avoid heat stroke, remember to bring a wet tissue or towel in your bag. But the best way to cool down is not to drink, not only to quench thirst but also to replenish physical strength. Summer outdoor wedding photos need to choose waterproof makeup, because it's hot in summer, very easy to sweat, so delicate makeup look is very easy to spend, in that case are very awkward and ugly.

If couples choose to take wedding photos in the countryside or along the river in the summer, they need to do a good job of mosquito prevention. New people can carry on wind or essential balm, so that when a mosquito bites can take timely measures to wind and cool when shooting can also have the effect of refreshing. Another way to prevent mosquitoes is to put mosqulio repellent on the body beforehand. Outdoor wedding photos should also be careful to be wounded by weeds or branches oh! So there's no shortage of band-aids in the bag.

Filming outdoor blink must enough oh, the night before the wedding photos for their wedding photos when sleep is not just for the sake of the new people's health and to ensure the quality of the photos. It takes a lot of physical energy to shoot the wedding dress outdoors, so you should get enough sleep before shooting the wedding dress, so that your body and mind are in the best condition. Warm tips: when sleeping, do not adjust the air conditioning too low, or when shooting outdoor scenes, it will be easy to generate fatigue, air conditioning temperature around 23 degrees is appropriate.

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Buying a wedding dress after purchase is the most practical skill



Now most of the bride will choose to buy wedding dress, as rent the price of the dress is enough to buy a favorite dress, some brides will choose to online shopping, and is directly from the store to buy, if you really decide to buy wedding dress, will understand the wedding dress market, now the couple also mastered the basic general price of wedding dress, but in the wedding dress to sell home have a lot of things you don't know, also is the new need to be aware of things, let's have a look at the below.

1 now to rent wedding dress wedding dress shop also get one thousand yuan of above are so calculate new it is better to buy a wedding dress for the human brain, though the marriage gauze is a consumer goods, but its meaning and value to retain is the most precious, life time, only one, represents the eternal, don't believe what the so-called Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, in fact is to see what style do you like yourself.

2 wedding dress store will sometimes with the old one to fill the new before, if the wedding dress industry don't understand will be fool, so the couple if ready to get married, will focus on the current marriage gauze conference, look at what is popular style this year, so, when the store trying to tell you "this is the new" this year, you can just ignore this sentence. Just look for what's right for you.

A certain wedding dress is imported, the fabric is foreign, so, the bride listen to it, but do not believe it. In addition to international big brand, and foreign daigou, want to buy the import wedding dress in the general bridal shop, think for yourself, how is it possible? It's just a way for stores to promote their products.

4 some shops will say they shop wedding dress is pure manual, so still don't believe, they want to price, the real hand wedding dress is very expensive, one thousand yuan wedding dress called manually, but is nailed it figured something by hand.

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