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Durham wife seeks lost wedding dress that husband donated to Goodwill


A Durham woman is desperately trying to get back her wedding dress after her husband accidentally gave it away to Goodwill.

Natalie Gelbert had her “priceless” wedding dress in a bag in the family’s car, she said on a Facebook post.

The expensive dress, which the family is still paying for, was going to be cleaned and preserved, she said.

But, also in the car were some bags of items to donate to Goodwill’s Roxboro Road location next to Food Lion, Gelbert said.

Gilbert’s husband got the wedding dress bag mixed in with the items to donate.

Images: SheinDressAU

“It was a total mistake,” said Gelbert, whose Facebook page indicates she was married about 18 months ago.

Gelbert realized her dress was missing two days ago and found out from a Goodwill employee it had been sold for around $25.

“I’m so, so, so upset and posting this in hopes whomever bought it might see this,” she wrote, adding four sad face emojis, including three who are crying.

Gelbert said that she wants to buy the dress back from the person who purchased it from Goodwill.

“I totally understand that it was a great deal and just a complete steal for them,” Gelbert said. “(It was) sold for dirt cheap, but to me it’s priceless and so, if they could find the kindness in their heart to return it to me or let me buy it off them, it would mean the world to me.”

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Couple to Have First-Ever Spam-Themed Wedding


As announced in the weirdest press release we’ve ever read, two people will be married on April 25 in the first-ever Spam-themed wedding at the official Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota.

British Spam super-fan Mark “I Love SPAM” Benson—and yes, that is his legal name, and no, you cannot make this shit up— is a long-time devotee of the salty meat pâté. Both his father and his grandfather worked at the Liverpool Spam Manufacturing facility, so Spam is in Benson’s blood, so to speak. Benson’s fiancee, Anne Mousley, had the idea to give Benson the perfect dream wedding at the Spam Museum. She contacted the Spam brand and found the company was more than happy to assist the couple in achieving their Spammy dreams.


The nuptials will be lead by Spam Brand Manager Jaynee Sherman, a self-declared “Spaminister.” The ceremony will take place among the brightly colored exhibits of the Spam Museum, which includes a mock-world market, various “canstuments” and a gift shop. After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their two daughters Milly and Evie will embark on a honeymoon to the annual SPAM Jam Festival in Waikiki, Hawaii. Afterwards, they will return to Liverpool, where they will continue making their favorite Spam recipes, which include Spam Omelettes, Spam Casserole, Spam and Cheese Toasties and Spam Breakfast Fry-Up.

We’re attaching the wedding invitation and announcement below, just in case you’re starting to think this is fake news (we wouldn’t blame you, in these circumstances). We wish Mark and Anne the best of luck in their new married life, and we suggest Paste’s article on the art of pâtés.

Also, um, we might’ve spent way too long looking through the Spam official recipes, and we’re definitely interested in a few, such as the Hawaiian Spam Burger, Spam Mmmmusubi, Spam Hello Kitty Musubi and these curious Spammy Tots. Like … are we crazy for thinking a lot of these recipes look kind of awesome?



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The Incredible Wedding You Need to Know Everything About


If you’ve ever dreamt of getting a princess wedding, meet your new icon. Intan Azzahra got married over the weekend, and she celebrated the occasion in a beautiful gown with the royal scenery to match. Thankfully, the photos from the once-in-lifetime event on Instagram.

Pal, wedding guest, and Indonesian fashion designer Ivan Gunawan took his followers through Azzahra’s transformation into a Cinderella bride.

Source: wedding gowns sydney

She started the day sitting for hair and makeup in a lacy white robe. The beauty look was pure bridal royalty: A pearl crown by Indonesian bridal accessories designer Rinaldy Yunardi, teardrop earrings, and a glittery blush smokey eye.

She debuted her dress in the only appropriate venue: A long, dramatic staircase. Perhaps fittingly, her husband is nowhere to be found. Is he also worshipping outside of the frame?

At the other end of that staircase, according to Gunawan’s Instagram shots, was a castle. In the next photo, Azzahra appears in front of scenery straight out of an Indonesian version of Candyland. Somehow, her dress matches perfectly with the hot pink and muted white tones of the behind her (seriously hope she reclined in those seriously comfortable looking chaise lounges behind her while her new husband fed her chocolate).

Azzahra isn’t the only bride that chose a Gunawan original for her special day. He also shared a photo of Natasya Nallagan in a long-sleeve dress draped with hundreds of pearls.

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