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DIY Desi Wedding Ideas

Personalised weddings with vintage inspired quirks have become very popular over the past few years, especially in the Asian community.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) weddings are a great way to stay in budget while still being on trend.

DESIblitz have a few unique Desi ideas to make your wedding day one to remember.

Ribbon is a creative girl’s best friend. You can get any colour ribbon cheaply at markets and use them to attach on flowers, baskets and name cards and essentially, everything else to add a cuteness to decoration.

Create personal name cards by printing names on to card and sticking it on a thick piece of ribbon, which you can then wrap into a bow and place on the table. This adorable tip will save you the pennies, but does require a few hours of concentration.

Alternatively, use ribbon to create colourful edges to any baskets you use. Make mini bows to attach all the way around the basket for effect.

DIY Desi Wedding Ideas


Lighting can create a romantic ambience. If you don’t want a candle flame on the table, opt for LED candles that give the same warm glow without the worry.

If you or anyone you know has a steady hand and a creative flare, get them to personalise candles with the couples names and wedding date as a cute accompaniment to the centre pieces.

For added emphasis, strap a table with twinkly bright fairy lights, such as the guest book table, for an extra wow factor.

Invitations and save the dates can be a large money grabbing element of the wedding planning, but you can save yourself the printing costs by creating your own heart shaped save the dates.

Gather a template online or use software such as Adobe Photoshop or even Microsoft Publisher and print them as the basis for your save the dates.

Using calligraphy stencils, engrave the names and date onto the template. If you cant do that, then print a smaller slip of paper to glue on. Laminate the heart templates for protection and shine and punch a hole at the top for a ribbon to be tied.

Keep your guests sweet by having a candy stall at the wedding. Head to your nearest sweet shop or even shop on-line in bulk for large jars of sweets.

Some places offer personalised wrapping on jars.

Fill small gift baskets with humbugs and mini chocolates; but remember this is only a supplement to wedding food so you don’t need to go overboard.

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding but they don’t come cheap. The larger the arrangement the bigger the bill, but creating your own floral centre pieces can add a delicate personalised touch and avoid extra expense.

Source a set of small square printed storage boxes and purchase floral foam to layer the box.

Place your chosen arrangements inside. The bouquet inside can be as extravagant as your wish, but if you’re cutting cost on a small wedding, buy flowers from your nearest supermarket a day or two before. The head table can have a large decorative arrangement if you wish.

Having a guest book is a common trend at weddings, but to make it more interesting, have a ‘memories’ table with photo montages hung on the wall or framed pictures on the desk.

Place a stack of mini coloured card on a table for guests to write their personal messages.

Later use these to create a collage or attach them using pegs or tape to a small artificial tree that can sit in your home.

Guests like to know the structure of the day, so hand out personalised schedules highlighting the entrance, food, dancing and the end.

You can create anything using editing software; print the schedules on card and cut to a delicate shape of your choice.

Then stick on a patterned colour piece of card to add dimension. Have fun putting your personality into creating these schedules!

Not the cheapest DIY idea, and it will require a creative eye but having a bouquet of chocolate looks so effective.

Use posh chocolates with gold covering such as Fererro Rochers and use sharp flower stems to pinch through delicately. Arrange it however you like, adding coloured tissue paper around the chocolate to fill it out.

Tape it however you wish underneath to make it hold, as long as from the front it looks shimmering, everything else can be covered.

More emphasis is being placed on useful wedding favours guests will enjoy.

Personalised candles and mini shot glasses with thank you tags attached are some ideas of gifts guests will adore.

If you want to stick to food, bag up some cookies and seal with a ribbon.

Even add guests names on bags for that final touch!

Serving up some cocktails on arrival can always make a guests experience enjoyable from the start!

With any fruit of your choice, Alcohol or soda (for non-alcoholic) you can create classy cocktails that have a wow factor.

Don’t be afraid to add some DIY in your wedding! With so many ways to be creative and cut costs, you can add your own personal touches to make your big day special without breaking the bank.

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At the ESPYs red carpet, it's a mix of bling, sweat and cheers

So much of life is plain ugly (cell towers made to look like trees) or vaporous (Masahiro Tanaka's elbow, or that little Italian village I just purchased on eBay).

But then you run across something genuine and serene. Yes, it's the ESPYs I'm talking about.

I'd rather pass a gallstone than wear a full suit in 90-degree heat, yet here I am on the red carpet at ESPN's annual awards show Wednesday night at the Nokia Theatre.

Look, there goes Russell Westbrook in baby blue pajama tops.

Maria Sharapova, Floyd Mayweather Jr.
photo: bridesmaid dresses brisbane

Over there, Marcedes Lewis is wearing a kilt/skirt/pantaloon combo (no, you can't get these at Target).

And here comes Kevin Durant in a shade of green usually found only in Jell-O or chem labs. Hey Kev, were they out of cheetah?

The 49ers' Stevie Johnson is wearing glitter shoes and so many necklaces it looks like chain mail.

At the ESPYs, bling is the new black.

When did athletes start dressing like Elton John and Lady Gaga? And what would Ted Williams say?

Oh. there's Russell Wilson in a tie and conservative dark suit. What does he think he is, an adult?

Pay attention, Joan Rivers, and I'll show you how to handle a real red carpet.

Me: "Who are you wearing?"

Jermaine Jones: "John Ford."

Me, I'm wearing Chevy.

First impressions? This red carpet is moving slower than an Idina Menzel national anthem.

If you've never been, what happens on these red carpets is this: The participants step directly off their MTA bus -- or whatever they drive -- and enter a tent, where security wands them. The ones who don't pass get to go down the red carpet.

Soon, they pipeline into a crush of stars and publicists and are wearing a sheen seen only in Turtle Wax commercials. Along the way, they stop at various booths, where TV types (who strangely never sweat) ask them about their clothes, careers and upcoming movies.

Then they stop for more photos and interviews. The ones who don't pass out in a puddle of their own gravy are allowed into the Nokia for the show.

A red carpet in July is much like the two-a-days you used to have in high school. Not everybody makes it. Women have given birth in the time it takes to walk this gauntlet.

cCommentsGot something to say? Start the conversation and be the first to comment.ADD A COMMENT0An hour in, I look like the night manager at an iHop in Short Pump, Va. Maria Sharapova either sneaked by me or melted directly into the ESPYs red carpet.

My own winners Wednesday night:

-- Most legendary: Jim Brown

-- Best reception: Members of the U.S. soccer team.

-- Sexiest: Pro surfer Hannah Cornett.

-- Blingiest: Stevie Johnson.

-- Weirdest: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

-- Coolest doctor: Julius Erving.

-- Best moment: When Jim Brown hugged Michael Sam.

-- Best line by TV host Drake: "If CenturyLink Field got any louder, Westbrook would be wearing it."

Yeah, sure it can be unsettling how much we deify these athletes, but they always seem willing to make a mockery of themselves, don't they?

And I don't mean that in a mean-spirited way, only that they take themselves less seriously than the fans often do. Maybe that's a relief.

Really, what these awards salute is ESPN's trademark irreverence. Last thing I'd want is a 24-7 sports network that treated everything as if it were "60 Minutes."

What's left to say about all this? It's a divine excess, really, this giving of awards to people who already are among the most-rewarded people on the planet. The new royalty. We used to have war heroes, and now we have sports stars.

If it all seems specious and vainglorious, so be it. In the end, they're just ballers. If they're overcompensated and a little too worshiped, that's our fault more than theirs.

So give them their night. The ESPYs – now in their 22nd year – have become sports' Tower of Babel.

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KM Wedding Events Management Inc is extending its services into wedding banquet hall space

DUBLIN, Calif., July 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - KM Wedding Events Management Inc., (OTC Pink:KMWE) market leader in South Indian wedding event management, announced its plan to operate multiple banquet halls in US and India. Primary objective of this expansion is to provide comprehensive Wedding Services for the US Indian residents who are planning to get married in either in India or United States of America.

KM Wedding has over 600,000 global Indian matrimony profiles registered with it. In the year 2013 alone, KM Wedding facilitated over 30,000 weddings through their online and offline matchmaking services.

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With the captive matrimonial customer base acquired & serviced over the last decade, KM Wedding started to offer wedding planning, catering, photography and theme wedding services since 2010. In addition to the above, KM Wedding is now extending its services into the banquet hall space to provide complete wedding solution to its customers.

In the next 2 years, KM Wedding is planning to operate 10 banquet halls and the anticipated revenue from these operations will be 15 million dollars at the end of 24 months. Two of these halls are expected to be

"KM Wedding banquet halls will enable us to serve our growing customer needs by providing end to end wedding management services" said Mrs. Meera Nagarajan, CEO of KM Wedding and she added. "Customers are very excited that they will be able to conduct their weddings in traditional Indian style with religious rituals, music, dance and food without any stress using our full range of services."

"Our mission is to render exceptional service to our customers. Banquet halls will strengthen our service offerings and we will be one–stop-solution for all our customers' wedding needs" said Mr. T. V. Mohan, Chairman.

KM Wedding Events Management Inc. (OTCPink:KMWE) is one of the leading and comprehensive wedding services provider for South Indian customers in US and India. KM Wedding offer a wide range of wedding services to their customers such as wedding planning, wedding shopping, catering, organizing concept and theme weddings. KM Wedding operates through two brands 'Kalyanamalai' (for Matrimonial services) and 'Athithi' (for Wedding Services).

This release contains "forward-looking statements" for purposes of the Securities and Exchange Commission's "safe harbor" provisions under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and Rule 3b-6 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause KM Weddings actual results may differ materially from those expressed herein due to many factors, including, without limitation: our ability to capitalize on the conversion of our matrimonial service into our wedding event services and the risk factors identified in KM Weddings filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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