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Mennonite Minister Defrocked for Officiating at Gay Son's Wedding

Although it cost him his credentials, a longtime Mennonite minister who officiated at his own gay son’s wedding earlier this year isn't backing down on his support for marriage equality. In fact, he's asking the church to embrace it.

Chester Wenger, 96, was defrocked in September, after officiating at the wedding of his gay son in June after Pennsylvania embraced marriage equality the month before, ThinkProgress reports. Although the pastor was retired after 65 years of service to the church when he performed his son's marriage, church authorities "formally retired Wenger’s ministerial credentials" in September, arguing that "his actions violated established church guidelines," according to ThinkProgress.

Wenger once again sparked conversation within the conservative faith this month when he wote a column for The Mennonite proclaiming that he could "no longer hide the light the Lord has lit within me, under a bushel," expressing support for marriage equality.

Here is an excerpt from the column:

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When my wife and I read the Bible with today’s fractured, anxious church in mind, we ask, what is Jesus calling us to do with those sons and daughters who are among the most despised people in the world — in all races and communities?

What would Jesus do with our sons and daughters who are bullied, homeless, sexually abused, and driven to suicide at far higher rates than our heterosexual children? …

My dear wife Sara Jane and I love all of our children. We give thanks for the remarkable Kingdom work each of them is doing. We know that several of our children believe that the church should not endorse same-sex marriage. And several of our children believe that same-sex marriage is a faithful and godly choice when blessed by the church.

While the tension around this issue is painful in our family, we continue to love each other, to sing, pray and play together …

We know that while many of us hear different things from the Scriptures, God’s deepest desire, as made known in Jesus Christ, is "to seek and to save that which was lost." We believe this is an opportune moment for the church to boldly proclaim a pastoral, grace-filled readiness to include both homosexuals and heterosexuals within the blessing of a marriage covenant designed to be wholesome and God-honoring.

Last month, the United Methodist Church affirmed the reinstatement of a minister who, like Wenger, had performed marriage rites for his gay son.

The Methodist church did not change its official stance against marriage for same-sex couples with the reinstatement of Rev. Frank Schaefer. The church court that convicted Schaefer of disobeying denominational law by presiding over the wedding had punished him with a 30-day suspension. Then, his regional ministerial board took away his credentials when he would not surrender them voluntarily or pledge to never again perform a same-sex wedding. The church’s Supreme Judicial Council found that the board’s action had improperly changed the penalty imposed by the trial court, and therefore reinstated Schafer on a technicality.

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'Game of Thrones' season 5 will have another killer wedding

The fifth season of "Game of Thrones" will feature another wedding with deaths.

It seems that author George R.R. Martin has an affinity to weddings as another marriage will be featured next season. The series already featured the Red Wedding and Purple Wedding, both characterized by a number of deaths, carnage and executions.

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Next season, a wedding will take place and will involve horrific deaths of some people attending the event. For those who have read "A Song of Ice and Fire" from which the TV series is based, Daenerys Targaryen will marry Hizdahr zo Loraq for political purposes.

A leaked video shows that on her wedding day, Daenerys' missing dragon, Drogon, will reappear and will scorch some of the guests in one breath of fire. The dragon will then take off bringing Daenerys on its back.

Other leaked photos show Daenerys beside the Meereenese aristocrat Hizdahr zo Loraq with Tyrion Lannister. In another photo, Ser Jorah is shown as Daenerys' gladiator. This suggests that Jorah will be back next season after he was exiled by Daenerys who is his former best friend.

The cast and crew are currently in filming in Europe as "Game of Thrones" is due to come back on air in June 2015.

Meanwhile, latest reports claim that the small screen adaptation of "Game of Thrones" is greatly steering away from the storyline in the book. Oftentimes, the HBO miniseries follows the course of the story. However, there are times when the scenes deviate from the book.

Same thing is bound to happen in the fifth season of "Game of Thrones". But author George R.R. Martin confirmed to the fans that the TV series' way of story-telling will not affect how he writes the sequels of the books.

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Leaked Video Shows 'Game of Thrones' Season Five Spoilers: Another Wedding, Another Massacre

George R. R. Martin must have some serious issue with the institution of marriage. Because "Game of Thrones" has already featured a Red Wedding, marked with bloody carnage and executions.

And then, a Purple Wedding, also marked with bloody carnage.

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But for those who assumed the show's upcoming fifth season would go weddingless (or, even less likely, that it would feature a wedding not marked by graphic violence) would be wrong. Huffington Post has just published a new clip from the still-filming fifth season, which spoils the next "Game of Thrones" wedding, and which characters will be written off in a blur of horrific violence.

For obvious reasons, "Game of Thrones" and "A Song of Ice and Fire" spoilers follow.

Those who've read all the way through the available "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels know that Daenerys Targaryen will eventually marry Hizdahr zo Loraq for political purposes. And then, on the day of their wedding, Dany's previously-missing dragon, Drogon, shows up to scorch a few wedding guests and take off into the sky with Dany on his back.

The clip on Huffington Post shows just that- only, without the actual dragon (which will be CGIed in later).

So instead, all we see is a few unfortunate souls being set on fire; no dragon for now.

However, this isn't the only spoiler to have already leaked from the "Game of Thrones" set. Twin reports from Fashion & Style and SheKnows have gotten ahold of pictures that show Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister, respectively, seen back in Mereen with Dany.

Presumably, as the show continues to film, we'll find out even more.

Check back soon for the latest news and spoilers on "Game of Thrones" and its fifth season.

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