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Local bridal shop displays 200-year-old wedding dress

Cupid's Corner has a veryold addition to its wedding dress collection.

The bridal boutique, 2441 Eighth St. S., is presently home to an antique wedding dress that dates back to 1810, and Wisconsin Rapids residents are invited to take a look. The more than 200-year-old gown is one of eight antique wedding dresses currently on display at the boutique.

The store's owner, Shirley Marquardt, started collecting the dresses, which date from 1810 to 1978, five years ago. All of the dresses are on loan from parties willing to part with their bridal gowns for a short period. The vintage apparel will be on display for the public to view until the end of 2014. There is no cost to view the dresses.

Several owners of the antique bridal gowns already have visited their dresses at Cupid's Corner, and Marquardt said they're gratified to see them on display.

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"They're proud to see their wedding dresses here," Marquardt said. "Because, a lot of times, they think, 'Oh it's just put away in a box and nothing is ever going to happen to it.'"

Marquardt said the decision to start this dress collection stemmed from her interest in bridal fashion from the past. She said she started asking around the community about vintage bridal wear and received some enthusiastic responses, she said.

She received the oldest dress — which was originally made in Germany — from a man whose family passed down the dress from one generation to the next. The last person to have worn the 1810 bridal gown was the owner's sister, at her 1970 wedding.

After studying the antique gowns, Marquardt said she noticed that older wedding apparel is more modest than today's styles. A high neck collar, straight skirt and sleeves were common attributes of wedding dresses designed in the 19th and 20th centuries, Marquardt said.

"The more modern they are, the less sleeves they have," Marquardt said.

Marquardt said many of the fashions and trends from past decades are "in" again today, such as brides wearing headbands instead of veils.

Included in Marquardt's collection is the wedding dress of the store's manager, Lorre Lynde. Lynde, who married in 1975, said she enjoys being able to admire the gown while working.

"I think in the '70s that things weren't made quite as nicely as far as the beautiful fabrics and laces (of older dresses)," said. "But it's kind of fun to look at it every day."

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4 Unexpected Wedding Venues, and Why You’ll Love or Hate Them

Anyone can get married in a country club or an event space, but most brides and grooms don’t want their big day to feel like any old wedding. Here are four wedding venues that are a little less “by the book”—and why you’ll either love or hate them.

YOU’LL LOVE When we first started wedding-planning, I had my heart set on getting married at my mom and stepdad’s house. I mean, Hi, view. I liked the idea of creating a wedding “space” where the wasn’t one before, and having complete control over every little detail.

YOU’LL HATE You really have to worry about EVERY little detail. Every fork, every napkin, every glass, every toilet has to be brought in. And you—as in, the bride and groom—have to worry about noise ordinances and serving alcohol in a way you just don’t with a venue that’s held thousands of weddings before yours. In the end, it was just TOO much for me to deal with.

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YOU’LL LOVE This is where we wound up getting married, at Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington, Connecticut. Rory worked (and still works ) at Food & Wine, so it felt very “us.” I loved that our entire wedding was outside. (There was a tent for the reception, but the floor—except for the dance floor area—was grass.)

YOU’LL HATE We looked at several wineries before picking Jonathan Edwards, and more than one didn’t have an alternative space for inclement weather. So that’s definitely something to ask about. Also, most wineries will only let you serve their wines at the reception, and bottles from a small, boutique winery are a lot spendier than the “house red” at an event space.

YOU’LL LOVE You guys might remember my friends Jackie and Andy’s wedding at the Bronx Zoo in 2012. Jackie had SO much fun doing safari-chic, and the wedding was definitely memorable because of that.

YOU’LL HATE Rory and I also looked at a zoo event space, which was lovely, but at the zoo we checked out, it felt like there was too much of a disconnect. Like, it wasn’t a zoo-themed event space; it was an event space in the middle of a zoo. It just felt weird. (At the Bronx Zoo, the event space is the old Lion House. So cool!)

YOU’LL LOVE We looked a museum venue too. (We look at a LOT of venues!) I loved the idea of my guests wandering a museum, enjoying the art during cocktail hour. (That picture is from the American Museum of Natural History, by the way. And you CAN host a wedding there!)

YOU’LL HATE Then I remembered who my actual guests were—a loud crowd who loves to dance—and that just seemed weird. Plus, museum venues are often extra strict in an effort to preserve their art or their artifacts. At the museum we looked at, red wine wasn’t allowed.

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Lance Bass' televised nuptials could be 'gay wedding of the decade'

Lance Bass is getting hitched, and everybody is invited. Through the magic of television, at least.

The former 'N Sync singer announced Tuesday that E! is filming his wedding to actor Michael Turchin for a 90-minute special, "Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding."

In addition to "borderline tacky" festivities, Bass promises an 'N Sync reunion.

"I couldn't imagine getting married without those boys being right there!," he told E!

He'll have to try, because Justin Timberlake, the only member of 'N Sync to escape the howling pit of total obscurity, will be on tour during Bass' Dec. 20 nuptials.

Nicole Polizzi Explains why she Didn't Invite all of her 'Jersey Shore' Cast Mates to her Wedding
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Weddings are boring enough, especially weddings that don't include a free buffet afterward. But Bass said this one, which E! called the "gay wedding of the decade," will have some merit.

"As a little kid from Mississippi, I would have loved to have seen something like this on my television because there's a lot of little kids out there in small towns that need something like this," Bass said.

JOAQUIN GOES WILD, AGAINWhat the heck was going on during Joaquin Phoenix's whacked-out appearance on David Letterman's show? No, not his infamous 2009 appearance, in which he frequently lapsed into silence and prompted Letterman to quip, "I'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight."

While visiting "The Late Show" on Monday to promote his film "Inherent Vice," Phoenix announced his engagement to his yoga instructor and rolled around on the floor demonstrating "the harnessing of the hog," a supposed yoga pose, The Associated Press reported.

On Tuesday, he cleared things up without actually making any sense.

"I think, like, my life is so boring, it seemed like it was something exciting to talk about," Phoenix said on "Good Morning America," admitting that he's not getting hitched. "I just want the audience to like me and they really like people who are getting married."

QUICK TAKESComedian Margaret Cho busked in the Mission on Tuesday to raise awareness about homelessness. Volunteers handed out food and clothing, and stylists from Glama-Rama on Valencia Street provided free haircuts. ... In a shocking twist, the first trailer for "San Andreas," a disaster flick that filmed in The City in July, does not show the Golden Gate Bridge being destroyed

HAPPY BIRTHDAY49ers safety Eric Reid is 23. ... Actress Raven-Symone ("That's So Raven") is 29. ... Drummer Meg White of the White Stripes is 40. ... Drummer Walter Orange of the Commodores is 68. ... Singer Chad Stuart of Chad and Jeremy is 73.

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