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Brides Show Short Wedding Gowns More of the Love

Helen Bradley isn't one of those women who fantasized about her wedding as a girl, so when the time came to tie the knot on the 10th tee of a golf course, she wanted to be relaxed, comfortable and economical.

A short gown was just right for her September nuptials, said the 27-year-old bank worker in Madison, Wisconsin.

"I had tried on a few long dresses and none of them felt like me. I'm a very practical person. My mom picked out the short dress from a sale rack and it's rare that I would like anything that my mom picks out," she said with a laugh.

Once the domain of older or remarrying brides, short gowns are enjoying a little more of the love, from luxury brands like Monique Lhuillier, Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa to more affordable offerings at David's Bridal, which has a bustling retail website and about 300 stores around the country.

The short looks aren't just stand-in dresses originally intended for bridesmaids or cocktail parties. Designers are offering a greater range of shorter styles as more brides break from tradition and personalize their weddings.

"A lot of people are doing more intimate settings, so a shorter dress just feels more appropriate. If they do the big wedding, some change into a shorter dress so they can dance and have a good time," Lhuillier said.

Exactly how short is up to the bride. There are minis, high-low hemlines (high in the front and lower in the back), knee lengths, tea lengths below the knee and so-called "transformers," where a long train or sheer skirt detaches to show off a short dress underneath.

Cheryl Hines
picture: simple wedding dresses

Designer Zac Posen put his own sister in one of the convertibles ? in red ? for her 2004 wedding.

"Her huge train came off to become a mini and she took it off to Judy Garland's 'Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart,'" he said. "It covered the grandeur of the ceremony and the fun of the party."

Long gowns remain the clear majority of the $2.6 billion-a-year bridal gown market, noted Darcy Miller, editorial director for Martha Stewart's bridal site, But "more and more brides seem to be seeking no-fuss, lightweight and easier silhouettes," she said. Some "want a dress they can run on the beach in or travel with to their destination wedding."

At David's Bridal, 26 of the 75 gowns launched for spring 2015 are short, said Anne Acierno, executive vice president for design, merchandising and product development.

Posen creates luxury short looks but also includes a few in his Truly Zac Posen collection at David's Bridal. He said red-carpet trends influence some brides, and these days they're seeing more short, fancy dresses.

Among high-profile brides to go short recently were fashion "it" girl Olivia Palermo and actress Cheryl Hines, who married Robert F. Kennedy Jr. last August in a strapless, white, tea-length creation by Romona Keveza.

Vera Wang makes short gowns too, in a range of pricepoints that include her White collection for David's Bridal.

"I think you should wear what you feel most beautiful and most comfortable in, and also what is most you, most individual," Wang said.

Shorter dresses can be less expensive ? a huge factor for Bradley at her country club wedding before 125 guests. The reception was in a cozy room with a big fireplace, wood floors and sconces all around.

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Charles Manson: Wedding Day With Afton Elaine Burton Approaches For Notorious Serial Killer

Charles Manson is just weeks away from his expected wedding date, and plans for the 80-year-old serial killer to marry his 26-year-old fiance are continuing to draw controversy.

Manson announced earlier this month that he planned to marry Afton Elaine Burton, who was just a teenager when she met Manson and decided to move to Corcoran, California, to be closer to him.

Though Charles Manson and his bride-to-be have not publicly announced their wedding date, the ceremony is quickly approaching. The pair obtained a wedding license in early November, which gives them 90 days to be married.

Charles Manson: Wedding Day With Afton Elaine Burton Approaches For Notorious Serial Killer
picture: SheinDressAU

The idea of Manson — who was convicted for nine killings which took place in 1969 — getting married doesn’t sit well with many. On Sunday, cartoonist John Darkow laid into Charles Manson for his plans to marry, noting Manson’s violent past. Darkow drew a cartoon showing Manson sitting on a bench in a prison cell, saying, “At my age, why get married again? I thought, why not take another stab at it?”

Deborah Tate, whose pregnant sister Sharon was killed by Manson and his followers, said she finds the idea of him marrying “ludicrous” and “insane.”

“It’s always something with him,” Tate said.

Tate also criticized Afton Elaine Burton, saying that the 26-year-old is likely being duped by Manson.

“I wonder how long it will take for her to figure out this is just a con,” Tate said. “It makes me wonder what is missing in her life that she would want to marry an 80-year-old man. Is she a victim? Is she mentally deranged?”

Burton herself said the marriage is very real, noting that she fell in love with Manson when she was still a teenager and admires his philosophy of ATWA, an environmental viewpoint that stands for air, trees, water, animals.

“It’s the life on the planet, you know,” said Burton, who now goes by Star, in an August interview with CNN. “The Earth is a rock and everything else on it is ATWA.”

Burton said she knows many people will disapprove of her marrying Manson, but said she doesn’t care what others think.

“No. I don’t get into other people’s business. I don’t judge people. I don’t mess with people. I don’t lie to people. And Charlie’s the same way. You know, he just wants to be left alone, that’s all.”

Afton Elaine Burton and Charles Manson are expected to marry sometime by early 2015.

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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wedding Will Be ‘Very Private!’ ‘Sherlock’ Star Wants To Marry Sophie Hunter In Front Of Intimate Friends, Family?

Who are invited to Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding

to Sophie Hunter? It certainly won't be the media. After making their first ever appearance as an engaged couple during "The Imitation Game" premiere inNew York

, the "Sherlock" star shared his wedding plans to US Weekly magazine. "I think I'll be having a very private wedding," the "12 Years A Slave" said. Just like how he kept his relationship

with his theatre director girlfriend

very low-key despite his fame, the 38-year-old also wants their nuptials to become a quiet affair. Although several fans of "The Hobbit" star had their hearts broken because of the announcement, Cumberbatch couldn't help

but gush about his new fiancé

Benedict Cumberbatch Sophie Hunter
picture: wedding dresses online

in interviews. "She's just really cool!" he reportedly told He also told People that he and the Oxfordgraduate

were a "good fit."

Does being in a relationship with a very famous boyfriend faze the multi-lingual actress and director? According to Cumberbatch, she took everything in stride.

"She's proud of my work, she's proud of me, and she loves me. That's the bottom line, isn't it?" heconfessed. "It could be a really difficult thing, but she's just so in command of it."

When they appeared together on the red carpet for the first time, Hunter walked beside her fiancé with her chin up and an arm wrapped possessively around his waist. The media tried to find theengagement ring

on her finger but she kept her hand hidden behind Cumberbatch.

Just like Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding plans, their engagement announcement was also a Sherlock Holmes-worthy piece of work. They paid for a small advertisement on the Weddings section of The Times, announcing their intent to marry.

"The engagement is announced between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch of London, and Sophie, daughter of Katharine Hunter of Edinburgh and Charles Hunter of London," the short but clever advertisement read.

Who do you think will be invited to Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding?

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