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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Stars And Weddings And Almost Everything Nice

Last night on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, stars rose, hearts sunk, andKim Richards‘ daughter got married in a gorgeous wedding, which was sweet and lovely and made me wanna be nice to Kim. I imagine that will be short-lived.

In what is surely the very definition of hell, Yolanda Foster is trapped on a rent-a-yacht in the middle of the ocean with Kyle Richards after receiving the news that her daughter Bella (soon to be known as The Disowned One) got a DUI. Yolanda sniffles through telling us that poor Bella had only ONE glass of wine and got pulled over. The injustice! Yolanda isn’t sure how to handle her children growing up and making decisions without her input. It hits her on an additional level because her father died in a car accident and she can’t believe Bella would be so careless.


Yolanda struggles to remain composed because she doesn’t want to ruin Kyle’svacation with a meltdown, as if Kyle would ever extend that same courtesy! Kyle was probably wondering if she should just go ahead and have the meltdown herself because you know, camera time! And the yacht could be detained in Spain on a psychiatric hold which could get mighty exciting and – OMG the tabloids would be writing about her for at least a week!

Yolanda is so boring and mature – it’s times like this I miss ol’ Loony LipsTaylor Armstrong. She would be hysterically flinging herself over the rails of the yacht, fake drowning, screeching and trying to cut the lifejacket off with a bobby pin all because Kyle gave her champagne instead of prosecco and the boat had green towels, which are so ugly and cheap and below her level of spectacular taste. I digress…

Apparently Yolanda is unable to get a plane home until the next day, which leaves me confused: David Foster does not have a personal universal cloud system to transport Her High and Mightiness wherever she needs to levitate, through the stratosphere as she is ensconced in pure crystal white light? I assumed her fridge doubled as a private rocket – my mistake.

eileen davidson on the set of Young and the Restless
picture: SheinDressAU

David disappoints me. What good is being an almost-EGOT when you can’t even control the metaphysical forces of unique personal transportation? Oh yes, David is in possession of an Oscar, an Emmy, 45,000 Grammys, but no Tony yet. Silly me, I thought the “T” stood for Turgid Egomaniac, in which case mission accomplished, but it just stands for Tony, one of which David does not own. Lucky for him neither does anyone else, but But somebody else does have an Emmy: Eileen Davidson! E for Emmy and Eileen. F for Failure and Foster.

Eileen has been on hiatus from starring in the last of the remaining soap operas, but she’s decided to return to work to save her marriage by making out in the shower with random actor dudes and by bringing home the bacon. She’s rehearsing a script, which I’m pretty sure is an Apollo Nida biopic, because it features a character who stole a dead person’s identity after getting out of prison. Lifetime Movie, alert!

Eileen loves being a soap star – she’s brought her son to work with her since he was 2 months old – he literally grew up on the CBS set playing with the Price Is Right wheel. Miraculously he did not become a child star, and miraculously Eileen did not turned into a psycho bitch or a homicidal maniac because she was able to sow those wild oats through her characters. Some girls have all the luck!

Speaking of luck, Lisa Vanderpump is headed to Palm Springs where she’s receiving a star on the Walk Of Fame. Before leaving, Magdalena, the housekeeper Lisa kidnapped on the side of the road (no this is not one ofEileen’s Days story lines, sadly!), shows up with Giggy wrapped in a towel. Giggy’s been looking depressed lately – I think Lisa is smothering him with his weight in sequins. Now he must form a mutiny and turn all the other dogs against her. Giggy swears Lisa put a tabloid with a story about Pinkie’s leash being rhinestone instead of diamond in the dog bed last week.

Lisa is perturbed that Magdalena washed Giggy instead of his suit, per her instructions, then she worries that Magdalena may also be washing Ken instead of his suit, not that Lisa would care about that except for the fact that it would probably make her late! Lisa makes a note to order Rosetta Stone: British English for Magdalena.

Roscia, who is practically family – albeit the only member of the family who is responsible for cleaning up – would never make such mistake. Roscia knows how to cut Giggy’s beef tarte-tarte just so and has been elevated to sitting with the family during dinner while they discuss Brazilian bikini waxes with the token gays and Lipsa Rinna, who believes public hair is an important form of protection. From husbands, LVP enquires? No, from disease. So basically – from husbands, or at least Brandi Glanville‘s husband. (According to Brandi’s book, that is!)

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Local bridal shop displays 200-year-old wedding dress

Cupid's Corner has a veryold addition to its wedding dress collection.

The bridal boutique, 2441 Eighth St. S., is presently home to an antique wedding dress that dates back to 1810, and Wisconsin Rapids residents are invited to take a look. The more than 200-year-old gown is one of eight antique wedding dresses currently on display at the boutique.

The store's owner, Shirley Marquardt, started collecting the dresses, which date from 1810 to 1978, five years ago. All of the dresses are on loan from parties willing to part with their bridal gowns for a short period. The vintage apparel will be on display for the public to view until the end of 2014. There is no cost to view the dresses.

Several owners of the antique bridal gowns already have visited their dresses at Cupid's Corner, and Marquardt said they're gratified to see them on display.

WRT 1216 WeddingDresses
picture: bridesmaid dresses

"They're proud to see their wedding dresses here," Marquardt said. "Because, a lot of times, they think, 'Oh it's just put away in a box and nothing is ever going to happen to it.'"

Marquardt said the decision to start this dress collection stemmed from her interest in bridal fashion from the past. She said she started asking around the community about vintage bridal wear and received some enthusiastic responses, she said.

She received the oldest dress — which was originally made in Germany — from a man whose family passed down the dress from one generation to the next. The last person to have worn the 1810 bridal gown was the owner's sister, at her 1970 wedding.

After studying the antique gowns, Marquardt said she noticed that older wedding apparel is more modest than today's styles. A high neck collar, straight skirt and sleeves were common attributes of wedding dresses designed in the 19th and 20th centuries, Marquardt said.

"The more modern they are, the less sleeves they have," Marquardt said.

Marquardt said many of the fashions and trends from past decades are "in" again today, such as brides wearing headbands instead of veils.

Included in Marquardt's collection is the wedding dress of the store's manager, Lorre Lynde. Lynde, who married in 1975, said she enjoys being able to admire the gown while working.

"I think in the '70s that things weren't made quite as nicely as far as the beautiful fabrics and laces (of older dresses)," said. "But it's kind of fun to look at it every day."

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4 Unexpected Wedding Venues, and Why You’ll Love or Hate Them

Anyone can get married in a country club or an event space, but most brides and grooms don’t want their big day to feel like any old wedding. Here are four wedding venues that are a little less “by the book”—and why you’ll either love or hate them.

YOU’LL LOVE When we first started wedding-planning, I had my heart set on getting married at my mom and stepdad’s house. I mean, Hi, view. I liked the idea of creating a wedding “space” where the wasn’t one before, and having complete control over every little detail.

YOU’LL HATE You really have to worry about EVERY little detail. Every fork, every napkin, every glass, every toilet has to be brought in. And you—as in, the bride and groom—have to worry about noise ordinances and serving alcohol in a way you just don’t with a venue that’s held thousands of weddings before yours. In the end, it was just TOO much for me to deal with.

picture: wedding dress online

YOU’LL LOVE This is where we wound up getting married, at Jonathan Edwards Winery in North Stonington, Connecticut. Rory worked (and still works ) at Food & Wine, so it felt very “us.” I loved that our entire wedding was outside. (There was a tent for the reception, but the floor—except for the dance floor area—was grass.)

YOU’LL HATE We looked at several wineries before picking Jonathan Edwards, and more than one didn’t have an alternative space for inclement weather. So that’s definitely something to ask about. Also, most wineries will only let you serve their wines at the reception, and bottles from a small, boutique winery are a lot spendier than the “house red” at an event space.

YOU’LL LOVE You guys might remember my friends Jackie and Andy’s wedding at the Bronx Zoo in 2012. Jackie had SO much fun doing safari-chic, and the wedding was definitely memorable because of that.

YOU’LL HATE Rory and I also looked at a zoo event space, which was lovely, but at the zoo we checked out, it felt like there was too much of a disconnect. Like, it wasn’t a zoo-themed event space; it was an event space in the middle of a zoo. It just felt weird. (At the Bronx Zoo, the event space is the old Lion House. So cool!)

YOU’LL LOVE We looked a museum venue too. (We look at a LOT of venues!) I loved the idea of my guests wandering a museum, enjoying the art during cocktail hour. (That picture is from the American Museum of Natural History, by the way. And you CAN host a wedding there!)

YOU’LL HATE Then I remembered who my actual guests were—a loud crowd who loves to dance—and that just seemed weird. Plus, museum venues are often extra strict in an effort to preserve their art or their artifacts. At the museum we looked at, red wine wasn’t allowed.

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