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Number of weddings drops sharply in 2015 in Victoria

The nature of weddings is evolving, and with it are local wedding services.

Less than 500 marriage licenses were completed and returned to the Victoria County Clerk's Office with a wedding date in 2015. While more may still be filed with a wedding date in the recently-passed year, 2015 will likely be a sharp decline in marriages in the county, which averages about 665 per year.

The reason for the decline, said Rosie Perez, owner of Jade and Madalynn Bridal Boutique, can be linked to one thing-the oil field.

"The oil has affected the way of life for a lot of people," Perez said through a translator. "But there's a price (that's right) for everybody."

Rosie Perez, who owns the Jade and Madalynn bridal shop with her daughter, organizes wedding dresses to be used in an upcoming bridal show.

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Since many have lost their jobs or had a decrease in income as a result of the drop in oil prices, Perez's shop located at 601 E. Rio Grande St. has seen more bargain hunting brides.

"This year, they are looking for lower prices most definitely because of the economy," said Amber Machacek, who works at Jade and Madalynn Bridal Boutique.

"We're doing our best to try to keep our price point lower that way we can offer gowns for everybody."

The economy isn't the only reason the number of weddings, and in turn the bridal industry, has taken a hit.

Twice as many 25-year-olds in America in 2012 had not been married compared to the same demographic in 1960s, according to Pew Research Center. The center attributes these historically low marriage rates to people getting married at later ages, the economic downturn and public opinion on marriage. Their study showed many couples are living together without getting married and younger generations are not viewing marriage as a priority.

Weddings are changing, becoming less about the religious, traditional and formal ceremonies and are now on the beach or at a justice of the peace, Perez said.

Despite the economic downturn and changing trends in the bridal industry, she continues to work with brides to get them their dress, Perez said

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Dalton - Dameron

Laura Shelby Dameron and Stewart Shuler Dalton were united in marriage Saturday, November 28, 2015 at six o’clock in the evening at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Reverend Dr. John William Yates, III officiated. Following the ceremony, the bride’s parents hosted a reception at the Carolina Country Club. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barker Dameron, III of Raleigh. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Thomas Barker Dameron, Jr. and the late Dr. Dameron, and the late Mr. and Mrs. William Rodgers Johnston, all of Raleigh. She attended Ravenscroft School, was graduated from Saint Mary’s School in Raleigh, and currently attends Davidson College. She was presented at the 2013 North Carolina Terpsichorean Ball. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. David Landress Dalton and the late Dr. Dalton of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He is the grandson of Mrs. William Shuler Burns and the late Mr. Burns of Jacksonville, Florida and the late Mr. and Mrs. Sethur White Dalton of Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was graduated from The Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Florida and Davidson College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

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He attends the University of Florida College of Medicine. The bride was given in marriage by her father. Caroline Frazer Bell of Winston-Salem, North Carolina served as maid of honor, and Dr. Clare Dalton Dover of Jacksonville, Florida, sister of the groom, was matron of honor. Bridesmaids were the bride’s sister-in-law, Sarah Anderson Dameron of Raleigh, Marion Ashby Brown of Raleigh, Mary Scott Manning of Kinston, North Carolina, Margaret Munger McCall Pope of Mountain Brook, Alabama, Caroline Elizabeth Smith of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, Sophie Anne Sussman of Savannah, Georgia, and Caroline Condrey Wooten of Kinston, North Carolina. Beatrice Little Renwick and William Rodgers Hayes, cousins of the bride, were flower girl and ring bearer. Isabel Grey Yates and Sylvia Tucker Yates served as acolytes, and William Rodgers Henderson, Jr., cousin of the bride, served as crucifer. Sarah Kathryn Henderson, Charlotte Frances Johnston, Eleanor Prioleau Maupin, Louise James Renwick, and Anne Scott Yonke, cousins of the bride, were program attendants.

Scripture readers were Katherine Louise Burd of Deerfield, Massachusetts and Samuel Spears Littlejohn of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. John Harrel Watson of Houston, Texas was the bridegroom’s best man. Groomsmen were David Landress Dalton, Jr. of Canton, North Carolina, William Wells Dalton of New York, New York, brothers of the groom, and David Belser Dameron, Thomas Barker Dameron, IV and William Rodgers Johnston Dameron of Raleigh, brothers of the bride, along with Robert Patrick Dover of Jacksonville, Florida, brother-in-law of the groom. Serving as ushers were Jason Park Cha of Chattanooga, Tennessee, John Straith Drexel of Houston, Texas, Richard Tillman Fountain, IV of Raleigh, John Maurice Hall of Matthews, North Carolina, Ike Meremikwu of Houston, Texas, Andrew Brian Theobald of Falls Church, Virginia, and Luke Edward Wulsin of Greensboro, North Carolina. The couple will spend their honeymoon at The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia.

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7 Reasons A Destination Wedding Is The Best Kind

When you were little, did you ever picture your dream wedding?

Did you think it’d be on a beach, turquoise waters framing your walk down the aisle? Did you imagine exchanging vows in an old castle? Tying the knot under the beams of a rustic barn?

Personally, I was convinced I was going to marry J.C. Chasez (of *NSYNC) in a field of wildflowers, kind of like Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in “Runaway Bride.”

What can I say, I am a product of early 2000s pop culture.

But whose hometown or current living situation is equipped with ANY of these fantasy locations?

If yours is, congrats on living in a supremely cool place. But, if you’re like the rest of us, you’d have to travel a fair distance to get to any of these dreamy locales.


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Destination weddings used to be reserved for the rich and famous — those with unlimited funds. But, recently, they’ve become more prevalent.

Monday morning Facebook News Feeds are flooded with nuptials at resorts, vineyards, farms and everything in-between.

It’s not just the upper class doing it anymore, it’s those who want a unique affair to remember. It’s those who want to give their guests a vacation and a dope party.

We should give in to our childhood fantasies and plan a destination wedding. Here’s why:

The Wish Fulfillment

While the grooms we envisioned as kids – Devon Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, [insert boy band member here] – are out of our reach even now, the setting of the big day doesn’t have to be.

With a destination wedding, you aren’t limited to your surroundings. Anything you dream can be the backdrop of your marriage.

And you can make the 13-year-old girl inside of you ecstatically happy.

The Wedding/Honeymoon Combo

Weddings alone are expensive, and then you still have a honeymoon to plan on top of it.

The beauty of a destination wedding is it can double as a wedding and a honeymoon.

In the week following your “big day,” you’re too exhausted from the months and months of planning to deal with the hassle of traveling to and exploring an exotic locale.

You cut all that out in a destination wedding, getting the travel out of the way before beginning the celebrations.

The Guest List

No one WANTS more than 100 guests at his or her wedding.

Who would prefer their incredibly personal celebration become a circus? Wouldn’t you rather know the people popping champagne with you?

But familial obligations often make a small guest list impossible. Every family friend, distant relative and grocery store clerk becomes a must-invite when you have a local wedding.

Destination weddings are the perfect excuse to limit the guest list.

Given the level of commitment asked of those attending, you only need to invite people you actually want to be there. And then, of those people, not everyone will be able to go due to varying budgets and schedules.

The Décor

When you choose the setting for your wedding, you’re deciding on a location that encapsulates your desired vibe.

If you want it to feel laid-back and breezy, you’ll settle on an island resort. If you want a more rustic vibe, you’ll book a vineyard or farm.

The point is, you’re picking a place that already has everything you need.

When it comes to a destination wedding, your venue can speak for itself. Decorations are not a necessary part of making your first statement as a married couple.

The Photos

No life event screams “pics or it didn’t happen” as much as a wedding. These photos will be the ultimate memory, whipped out at holidays for the rest of your lives.

After all, how many times in your life are you going to be dressed in a fancy gown with full hair and makeup? You’ll want all of your kin to see that spectacle.

You’re going to be looking your best, and you need the backdrop of your photos to live up to your appearance.

The backdrop of a destination wedding will require no filter, and it’ll stun for years to come.

The Unique Factor

Once wedding season hits, each event starts to run into the next.

Every banquet hall starts to look the same, and you won’t be able to remember if that conga line was at your cousin’s wedding or your college roommate’s union.

With a destination wedding, your guests are having an experience unique to your event. They’ll leave remembering exactly which couple they were celebrating that night because it’ll look like nothing else they’ve attended.

The Cost

It’s hard to fathom, but in many cases, the destination wedding has become a cost-effective option when planning your nuptials.

Consider all the elements we’ve already discussed that make a destination wedding better, and consider the result: You’re saving money!

With less décor, an easier honeymoon and a smaller guest list, you’re cutting your budget significantly without compromising on your dream day.

That totally makes up for the price of a plane ticket, and might even leave room to go all-out on other important wedding details, like mouth-watering food and a kickass band.

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