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​Instantly tall! Photo Tips for Petite Bride


Having a perfect wedding photo is the dream of every bride. For the perfect bride, it is a simple matter to shoot a tall figure, but for a small bride, she has to spend some. thought. Today Xiao Bian started from many aspects and told everyone how to create a tall figure for a small bride.

Selection of hairstyles

In our day-to-day life, we usually choose a hat-like product to increase our own height. Of course, it is not appropriate for a hat to appear in a wedding photo. Therefore, we must start from other headwear, for example, choose a crown and wear it on the head. , can highlight the bride's temperament at the same time can also increase for the bride a lot of Oh!

The choice of wedding dress

Tilga's own body through costumes is not only used in wedding photography, even our everyday outfit is inevitable. The bride can choose a high waist long wedding dress, high waist design makes the bride's lower body looks as long as possible, from the visual to create a tall bride.

Wear high heels

High-heeled shoes can be said to be a must-have for girls, and it is also an essential artifact to increase. No matter how petite your child is, wearing a pair of hate high is enough to increase your body height. When photographing a wedding photo, the petite bride must not leave the creation of high-heeled shoes. Even if the bride does not get used to high-heeled shoes, she must not give up her choice at this moment.

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Sanya wedding photography


Sanya is a beautiful coastal city. Sanya's mountains, Sanya's water, we have all played one by one. The most enjoyable thing is to go to the Forest Park. Unfortunately, we didn't choose the wedding scene in the Forest Park. The most beautiful forest park I think is the tip of the ocean from the woods. As we climb the mountains here, we can see that it is a hazy city. Unlike Sanya, one cannot see the end of the sea. And Forest Park is on Yalong Bay. Compared to Sanya Bay, I think the waters of Yalong Bay are better and clearer.

During the five-day trip, I went to a lot of attractions to play, including the size of the wedding photos. Also went to Tianya Haijiao, Nanshan Temple, Yanoda Rainforest, West Island, and Forest Park. Wuzhizhou Island did not go, but the time came. Stop-and-go travel is also good. There are some funny things. It was in the rain forest of Yanoda that I actually saw the alpacas, which is commonly known as mud horses. Grass mud horse gray, Zhang's special cute. It is too unscientific to hear that it is a rich person. The rich people travel with it? The specific reason is unknown. I took a photo with it next to it. Super cute. The Guanyin in Nanshan Temple is really shocking. On the day of the weather there were a few clouds floating in the sky. The sky was a special blue. Daguanyin was particularly tall under the blue sky. Buddhism was strong. The place of culture is good, I think.

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Century wedding - millennium wedding


The millennium wedding. Media coverage in the United States, Clinton has become the social event, marry a more, and so did the wedding venue in New York state town lane (Rhinebeck) beaming baker making a fortune, besides congratulations on posters, banners, four post, local merchants more due to the media the paparazzi and curious tourists flocked to make. As a result of The national celebration, Columbia's Early Show will be broadcast live in rhinebeck. Other TV stations and media have also arranged for a large number of local interviews.

These days rhinebeck has been celebrating like a town, with restaurants, candy stores and even street signs saying "best wishes to mark and Chelsea!" Posters and slogans wishing the couple well, including "will Chelsea marry me? Statements. The hotel also rushed to fill the room and was busy hiding it, but staff declined to disclose who had booked the room. A local arts and crafts store manager added that "the situation is like the winter Olympics in this town."

Some local hotels and restaurants have added special "Clinton theme" catering. For example, some delicatessens have introduced "secretary Clinton's steak", "Chelsea's choice" and "Bill Clinton's all-american sandwiches", which are very popular. The owner of the shop said that "rhinebeck has never had such extensive attention. Chelsea became the financial god of the whole community. The owner of the cafe also agreed with the wedding talk, making his cash register ring. "I can't believe this wedding is going to boost my business."

The streets are buzzing, with some residents clamping down on weekend outings and others preparing to make do with the prosperity of the former President's marriage. One woman said she planned to hold a party in the back garden on the day Chelsea came out of the house and let the neighborhood party talk about the wedding.

According to the daily mail, the lavish wedding could cost as much as $5 million, more than the wedding costs of many of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Only buy flowers a will cost $250000, spending 600000 dollars on the accommodation of tents for the guest, security costs $200000, the eat desk and chair and tableware revenue of $109000, $20000 wedding cake. Chelsea has also rented four to six large luxury saloon cars with bathrooms for around $15,000. An eyewitness said she was recently married in New York by Vera Wang, a well-known designer of overseas Chinese

Chelsea was spotted in the yarn shop. A custom-made wedding dress costs at least $20,000 there, and the jewelry she wears costs 10 times as much.

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