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Scheana Shay confirms she's friends with 'Hills' stars Kristen Cavallari and Stacie Hall

Scheana Shay is friends with Kristin Cavallari and Stacie Hall of The Hills. On Tuesday, ahead of Lauren Conrad's anniversary special, the Vanderpump Rules star received a question from a fan about her relationship with her fellow reality stars. "Are [Kristin Cavallari] and [Stacie Hall] still friends?!" a fan asked Shay. In response, Shay told the woman, "We all are!"

Scheana Marie Thanks Katie Maloney And Ariana Madix For Helping ... -

During the final season of The Hills, Cavallari took over as narrator and Hall began appearing frequently due to her close relationship with her. Meanwhile, during an earlier season, Scheana Shaymade an appearance alongside her friend Hall, who began appearing on the show after Spencer Pratt flirted with her at her place of work, The Dime. Shay and Hall are extremely close friends and in addition to being in attendance during Shay's bridal party at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills, California, Hall served as a bridesmaid during her July 27, 2014, wedding to husband Mike Shay.

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Scheana Shay isn't the only 'Vanderpump Rules' star who appeared on 'The Hills'

During The Hills' six-season run, Scheana Shay's co-star, Tom Sandoval, was seen on the reality series. As cast members of The Hills, including the series' star, Lauren Conrad, attended a Teen Vogue casting call during season one, Sandoval briefly appeared on the show -- and he was shirtless.

Although Sandoval's guest starring role was short-lived, the moment proved to be a crucial turning point for Conrad's relationship with Jason Wahler on the show. As fans of the series may recall, Conrad lied to Wahler about the casting and told him it was girls.

Kristin Cavallari is a fan of SUR Restaurant

Cavallari has been spotted at SUR Restaurant, the setting of Vanderpump Rules, several times and has even posed with cast members of the show, including Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute and Katie Maloney.

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Mother of the bride — the quest for the dress

We are entering the wedding stage of life — better put, re-entering. Since our own wedding we’ve been on sabbatical, during which time we experienced all other stages from the baby shower to the kindergarten and high school graduation stages and everything in between. Now, the cycle has come full circle and I do believe we’re back to weddings. (Cue “Here Comes the Bride.”)

We’re attending a number of nuptials in the near future, but one in particular has piqued our interest: the wedding of our daughter. This, in turn, means one thing: wedding plans.

I am overwhelmed by the scope of planning opportunities available through an average wedding today. But there is one element that has me focused to the point of distraction. The dress.

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Not hers. Mine.

I’ve completed numerous shopping trips — online and to real live stores, where I tried various necklines, hemlines and waistlines. I found one I seriously considered getting, but then had second thoughts. This has happened three or four times. In the meantime, the bridesmaids have chosen and bought their dresses. They’ll look fabulous. The flower girls have theirs. They’ll be adorable. My husband and sons have all purchased brand new suits. They’ll be the definition of handsome. Even my daughter has said yes to 'The Dress.' It’s gorgeous and she’ll be magnificent.

I’m still looking.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the overall insignificance of my decision — I’m the mother of the bride for goodness sakes — people won’t care about what I wear. All eyes will be on my sweet baby girl. As they should be.

Still, I have just one daughter and this is my only shot at filling the role of 'MOTB.' The more I go through life, the more I realize these moments shouldn’t be squandered. It's an important day and I want to feel good in my skin (or lace over satin, as the case may be).

So, while this whole dress ordeal isn’t important to anyone else, it is to me. There are numerous beautiful choices to choose from. I’ve been contemplating why I’m having such a hard time with the decision. It’s pretty simple, really.

I’m not sure I’m ready to be the mother of the bride. My daughter is ready. Her fiancé is ready. They are a beautiful couple. We love them both.

I, however, have always been a little stunted. It seems I’m perpetually playing catch-up when it comes to understanding the logic of this thing called life. Most people are able to look ahead and anticipate milestones. I live in the day (but usually not by choice). I am still shocked that my daughter is a grown up. I thought she’d be a little girl forever. But that is not the case (thank goodness) and now I am soon-to-be the mother of the bride.

Except I’m not old enough, not ready enough to be the mother of the bride. At least not in my mind. The numbers would prove otherwise. (How and when did this happen?)

This brings about such tugging feelings. I don’t feel appropriately mature to be right here right now. But I am. That’s life.

And I need a dress.

I know I will find one. Perhaps I already have. I just need to pull the trigger, or swipe the plastic if we are being honest. Which I will do. I’ve got to wear something. The alternative wouldn’t be pretty. But we don’t want to go there.

I best get shopping.

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How To RSVP ‘No’ To A Wedding Without Feeling Guilty

It happens to all of us once or twice a year. Our mailboxes seem to receive an influx of letters that aren’t credit card bills or mailers from coupon companies. It’s the time when we find ourselves receiving more wedding invitations and save the dates than we have free time or a disposable income to attend.

We’ll do everything we can to say yes to attend those weddings and make it there in person, but once in a while, we have to say no. Whether it’s because we have another commitment that weekend or it’s just too pressing on our budget to attend, we find ourselves looking for an easy and painless way to let the couple know that we can’t be there to celebrate one of the biggest nights of their entire life.

just married sign against a blue sky

Images: wedding dresses australia

Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? If you find yourself glaring at an RSVP card, trying to figure out how to put an “x” next to “I regretfully decline,” here are five ways to RSVP no to a wedding without feeling guilty.

1. Do it ASAP.

If you can’t make it and you know you can’t make it, give the couple a heads up as soon as possible. When the save the date flies into your mailbox, call or text the couple letting them know you can’t go. That way, you won’t find yourself teetering on the edge of the RSVP deadline, feeling bad that you can’t make it.

2. Send a gift.

Sending back an RSVP card marked “no” may have you feeling some guilt in your gut. You can curb that feeling by sending over a nice wedding card with a gift inside. That way, you’ll let the couple know that even though you can’t be there in person, you still wanted to give them a little something to remind them that you’re part of the celebration.

3. Plan a night out.

Make it up to the bride and groom by taking them out to dinner before or after their wedding. If you live in another state or country, take them out to dinner in a more unique way by sending them a restaurant gift certificate.

4. Give a specific reason.

No means no but when it comes to sending your RSVP for a wedding, you’ll feel less rude if you give a specific reason why you can’t make it. Have another wedding? Is it the weekend after your big exam for school? Would travel arrangements cost you an arm and a leg? Be honest about why you can’t make it in person.

5. Don’t change your mind.

Once you’ve made a decision, stick with it. You’ll drive yourself crazy if you become indecisive on whether or not you should go, after you’ve already responded no. Spend quality time with yourself and your calendar before making your decision and once you’ve made it, stick with it. Even if your friends tell you you’re missing the wedding of the century.

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