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Katy Perry's Stylist Talks Singer's Grammy Red Carpet Dress


Always one to make a statement, Katy Perry walked the Grammy red carpet tonight in Tom Ford. Her Grammy appearance comes just days after Thursday's release of her new politically charged single, "Chained to the Rhythm," which she will perform on tonight's ceremony (Feb. 12).

Images: Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Perry has a history of bold Grammy looks, having walked the red carpet in 2014 in a sheer Valentino gown featuring images of musical notes. In 2013, the keyhole jeweled neckline of her pale green Gucci column gown made headlines. 2015’s look, a tea length, crystal bedecked dress by Zuhair Murad, was relatively sedate, allowing her newly purple hair to be the main event.

But in light of her new single, Perry sought something different for this year. “It was important to portray this new image, especially at Katy's first red carpet upon releasing her new single," explains her stylist Jamie Mizrahi exclusively to Billboard. "There was less thinking about what had been done in the past and more thinking about the present and future. We wanted something that felt different and elevated."

While her look may be new, it’s still very much in line with the conversation-starting style she’s clearly established for herself. “It's interesting and bold. The mix of feathers and sequins paired with the silhouette of the elongated turtleneck top is unexpected and cool,” Mizrahi explains. “The look is powerful and playful at the same time -- just like the woman wearing it.”

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9 ways to pamper yourself before your wedding


All that wedding planning is hard work! As the bride, be sure to take some time for yourself and relax. Dr. Jessica Glenn, from Bella Rose Skin Care and Wellness Center, shares 9 ways to pamper yourself before your big day!

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1. Skin Scope Analysis (6-12 months prior to wedding)

This helps identify imperfections or sun damage on the skin that can't be seen by the naked eye.

"It allows us to target areas [more] than if we were just doing an assessment without a scope. We also start someone on a customized skin care regimen," said Dr. Glenn.

2. Laser Hair Removal (6 months prior to wedding)

There are many areas you can choose to use to get hair removed such as your full body, under arms, bikini, a Brazilian and facial hair.

"We usually sell them in packages of six sessions because it takes about that to completely get rid of the hair," said Dr. Glenn. "When we do it you have to hit the hair in its active phase of growth and all of your hair is in different phases"

3. Eye Lash Extensions (1 week or less prior to wedding)

Give yourself the gift of a full lash look, without all the mascara.

"We use Nova Lash Extensions, which are individually applied to each lash." said Dr. Glenn. "It gives you a nice, full eyelash and those typically last 2-3 weeks."

4. Brow Shaping and Tinting (couple days prior to wedding)

Get your brows waxed and shaped to perfection before your wedding. Tinting also gives your brows a more defined look you may have been searching for.

"We apply it directly to the brow area and it gives you a nice defined darker brow," said Glenn. "Most people don't use brow pencil after that. It lasts about a week."

5. Cool Sculpting (3-6 months prior to wedding)

It's described as a liposuction equivalent, without the invasiveness of a procedure like that.

"With a lot of brides a popular area to do is the bra fat, because they wear strapless dresses or they have the extra skin above the dress popping out. That really bothers a lot of brides," said Dr. Glenn. "Any area that you can pinch that has fat, you can cool sculpt."

6. Microdermabrasion or Dermaplaning (3-6 months prior to wedding)

For microdermabrasion, a diamond tip abrasion attached to vacuum is used on the skin. Dr. Glenn says this "sucks up the dead skin cells and helps to resurface the skin, so it takes off that dead skin cell layer that we have on the face."

For dermaplaning, a special set of blades is used on the skin to take the dead layer of skin off.

"This is very popular with brides, because when you take off those little blonde hairs your makeup lays so much smoother."

7. Botox and Dermal Fillers (1 month prior to wedding)

While Botox helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers can be used eliminate folds in your face and to plump up your lips for a bigger pout.

"Typically Botox lasts about 90 days," said Dr. Glenn. "Dermal fillers last between 6 months to two years depending on what filler you get. Sometimes you can get bruising so you want to make sure you get those ahead of time."

8. Teeth Whitening (2 months prior to wedding)

After just one session, you'll have a brighter and whiter smile for your big day.

"We use Davinci LED laser lights. We put gel on your teeth and then you sit in front of the laser lights. The laser helps to activate the gel and it's a much quicker process," said Dr. Glenn. "It takes about an hour when you come in to do the whitening."

9. Spray Tanning (3 days prior to wedding)

A natural looking tan is a must for any bride-to-be!

"We use Bronze Biologic Tanning Solution – the products are very safe, made of botanical ingredients, they use cane sugar. It's a very natural looking tan. Usually lasts about a week," said Dr. Glenn.

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The 5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes Every Bride Knew


When you started planning your wedding, you knew your planner would be a wealth of information, both when it comes to décor and when it comes to the nitty gritty of a wedding day. But did you know your wedding photographer has some incredible insight, too? Just think about it: They’re behind the scenes just as much as your planner is, they’ll spend a huge chunk (read: most) of the day with the bride, the groom, and the wedding party, and they’re interacting directly with the couple and their guests constantly. So of course they’ll pick up all sorts of tips as they go!

We chatted with one of our favorite photographers, Kate Headley, about some of the wisdom she’s picked up during her years behind the camera and what she always shares with her brides.


When it comes to photography, you pay for experience.

“A more experienced wedding photographer with a beautiful portfolio is going to book up quickly and, as the law of supply and demand works, they charge more and are less willing to negotiate,” says Headley. “Experienced photographers can deliver beautiful work despite dark lighting conditions and bad weather, so remember that when booking someone new and less expensive.”

She advises asking any photographers you’re interviewing to share a rainy wedding gallery so you can see how their work stacks up. Whether you’ve got a darker venue or the perfect lighting situation, know that a little extra investment means you’ll be getting a beautiful product, no matter what.

Use the getting ready time to relax and put yourself together.

It can be easy to let the morning of your wedding turn into a rush of timelines, emotions, and possibly stress, so do everything you can to avoid that. “Getting ready with your 10 best pals sounds like a fun time, but I find the getting room to be the opposite of relaxing,” Headley explains. “When there are a dozen people all getting dressed with all their stuff around you, even a big hotel suite starts to feel small.” The clutter of suitcases, coffee cups, and accessories will show in your photographs, no matter how well-framed they are.

Headley has a totally calming alternative: “I often wonder if getting ready with one or two people in a clean and calm environment might help make a bride or groom feel more pulled together when they walk out the door. Instead, invite your bridesmaids to stop by at the end for a beautiful reveal moment.”

You aren’t wearing that dress tomorrow.

After all the time you spent finding, altering, and accessorizing your wedding gown, it’s tempting to want to keep it in pristine condition. But be honest: Are you going to wear it again? “If you’re wearing a long white dress, it will get dirty, even if your wedding is entirely indoors,” says Headley. “Don’t sweat a little dirt and don’t let it hold you back from taking in the sights and experience of the day. No one is looking at the bottom of your dress and it won’t show in photos, so relax and let it go.” Grab a bridesmaid to help with your train, and head outside for those gorgeous panoramas you really want!

Go easy on the posed shot lists.

“Don’t get photo fatigue by doing every combination possible: You just need a few key group shots and then go off to the party,” suggests Headley. “I’ve had brides make long lists and then as the night goes on, toss them out and realize what’s happening in that moment is more important. I completely agree, and try to steer my clients toward a less-is-more approach when it comes to posed photographs.”

Ask your photographer to help you compile a list of groupings they recommend, and trust their ability to order those groups for a streamlined portrait process. Then you can get to the party — those candid shots on the dance floor are the ones that will really bring back memories, anyway!

Weddings go by very fast, enjoy every second.

Even the photographer is exhausted when the day is over. “When I get home and crash after a wedding in my bed, I feel like I was just there waking up!” Headley says. “Don’t worry if something goes wrong on your wedding day or if the weather isn’t right. Hold hands with your new spouse and enjoy the party because it goes by in the blink of an eye!”

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