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Physician couple show off their dance moves at winter Dallas wedding


There’s a big of debate about whether Sara Park asked for now-husband Hieu Luu’s phone number, or if he asked for hers when they met in New Orleans through mutual friends about five years ago.

“I think he asked for my number, but he says I asked for his,” Sara explains. “I was trying to get him to meet me at a music festival the next day, so maybe it really was me who asked.”

Sara + Hieu Real Weddings

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Nuances aside, it took a few months for the stars to align for the busy medical student (Sara) and medical resident working nights (Hieu). And a few months after the pair got together, Sara graduated and moved to Tucson for her residency.

“I wasn’t a believer in long-distance relationships,” Sara says. “But of course, Hieu convinced me — and we made it work with him in New Orleans and me in Tucson.”

About three years later, while Sara’s mom was visiting her from Korea, Hieu took the ladies out to a steak dinner and popped the question with a ring the couple had picked out together.

Sara and Hieu toyed with the idea of having their wedding in the city where they met, but decided on Dallas, where Hieu’s parents live, after seeing the scenery at Texas Discovery Gardens. The couple loved the butterfly garden and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The fickle Texas weather held out beautifully for their January 30, 2016, vows. Sara selected soft pink and mint and for a fresh take on winter elegance.

But more than colors or views, the couple wanted their guests to have fun. They forewent many traditional wedding aspects of Hieu’s Vietnamese culture and Sara’s Korean culture to keep the ceremony short and sweet — and to leave plenty of time for dancing. The couple did manage three different outfits throughout the reception: a traditional white gown and suit, a modern take on traditional Korean wedding attire, and a Japanese gown and suit.

About 120 guests dined on an assortment of Asian-inspired courses of lobster, spicy eggplant, crab, quail, bean soup, and fried rice from Kirin Court. Annie’s Culinary Creations made the gold and white cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, and macarons.

While guests raved about the food, as well as the music (provided by Glenn Roush from LeForce Entertainment), Sara and Hieu have more intimate and romantic memories too.

“We’re not the most verbal couple, but we wrote our own vows,” Sara says. “When he gave me his vows, it showed how much heart he put into it.”

“When I first saw my wife walking down the aisle, she looked so beautiful,” Hieu says. “That was my favorite part of the whole wedding.”

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See How Adrienne Bailon Surprised Husband on Their Wedding Night


Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton stayed celibate with each other until their wedding night ... and when the big moment finally arrived, Bailon made it extra special.

The newlyweds appeared on Tuesday's episode of "The Real," where Israel spilled the dirty details of how his wife got him in the mood after their big day.

See How Adrienne Bailon Surprised Husband on Their Wedding Night ... Before Their First Time!

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"You don't understand, we've waited for this moment," he explained to Bailon's co-hosts. "So I opened the door and I had to kick Shane [their cameraman] out, like, 'You gotta go. Thank you for following us this far, but your time is up.'"

"When I opened the door, I walked in and I saw these gigantic portraits all over the suite of this beautiful woman," he continued, gesturing to his wife, "um, not wearing much at all!"

Bailon said her new hubby had no idea she even took the "boudoir photos," which she narrowed down with the help of her fellow hosts.

"They approved them, they picked which ones had my best angle," added Adrienne.

Both Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley waited for marriage to get intimate with their husbands as well -- and it sounds like they went a similar route with these sexy photo shoots too.

"We waited and we wanted to make sure our husbands had, as John Legend would say, 'All of Me,'" explained Mai. "We took those type of pictures, so when Adrienne was going through it for you, we just got so excited because we remember what that was like for us."

"It was very unexpected but quite appreciated, I promise," assured Israel.

Bailon and the gospel singer tied the knot last Friday in Paris in front of about 70 people at the Hotel Plaza Athénée.

The 33-year-old looked stunning in her strapless mermaid gown with a plunging neckline that showed off some seriously impressive cleavage.

The nuptials were chronicled by Bailon's talk show, with additional footage from the swanky affair airing on this today's episode show.

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How to Not Get Ripped Off While Wedding Planning


"Weddings are such a rip off!" How many times have you heard this one before? While it's true you'll probably pay more for your wedding than you would hosting a family reunion at the same venue, it's never okay for a wedding vendor to totally take advantage of you. From really doing your research to checking those contracts twice, here's not to not get completely "ripped off" during the wedding planning process.

how to not get ripped off wedding planning

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Hire an experienced wedding planner.

According to Florida-based wedding planner Aviva Samuels of Kiss The Planner, your wedding planner is going to be your best resource for keeping you within budget. "We have access to venues and vendors galore and know exactly what the price ranges are for each category," she says. "We immediately know if you're overpaying or if you're getting good value for your money." A great planner can help you negotiate a great deal as well, and thanks to their long-term relationships with vendors and venues you'll likely get added value for the same exact dollar amount others would pay.

Be wary of all-inclusive packages.

While they're definitely appealing in terms of simplifying the decision process, all-inclusive packages leave little to no room for pricing negotiations and the fine print of actual expected cost is not always clear, often leading to spending more than you budgeted for, warns wedding planner Marilisa Schachinger of Martel Event. "They also often require use of an exclusive caterer or floral designer which may not be your preferred aesthetic." Bottom line: do your research and get a pro (like your planner) to review that contract.

Always get a contract (and fully understand it before signing).

Make sure you get a contract that details exactly what you're getting, as well as the amount for the service and any payment plans, advises Samantha Gieseke, owner of Plan Our Day Houston. "Then read and review the entire contract to ensure you and the vendor are on the same page when it comes to payment, expectations, start and end times, delivery times (for photos) and the cancelation policy."

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