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The 5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes Every Bride Knew


When you started planning your wedding, you knew your planner would be a wealth of information, both when it comes to décor and when it comes to the nitty gritty of a wedding day. But did you know your wedding photographer has some incredible insight, too? Just think about it: They’re behind the scenes just as much as your planner is, they’ll spend a huge chunk (read: most) of the day with the bride, the groom, and the wedding party, and they’re interacting directly with the couple and their guests constantly. So of course they’ll pick up all sorts of tips as they go!

We chatted with one of our favorite photographers, Kate Headley, about some of the wisdom she’s picked up during her years behind the camera and what she always shares with her brides.


When it comes to photography, you pay for experience.

“A more experienced wedding photographer with a beautiful portfolio is going to book up quickly and, as the law of supply and demand works, they charge more and are less willing to negotiate,” says Headley. “Experienced photographers can deliver beautiful work despite dark lighting conditions and bad weather, so remember that when booking someone new and less expensive.”

She advises asking any photographers you’re interviewing to share a rainy wedding gallery so you can see how their work stacks up. Whether you’ve got a darker venue or the perfect lighting situation, know that a little extra investment means you’ll be getting a beautiful product, no matter what.

Use the getting ready time to relax and put yourself together.

It can be easy to let the morning of your wedding turn into a rush of timelines, emotions, and possibly stress, so do everything you can to avoid that. “Getting ready with your 10 best pals sounds like a fun time, but I find the getting room to be the opposite of relaxing,” Headley explains. “When there are a dozen people all getting dressed with all their stuff around you, even a big hotel suite starts to feel small.” The clutter of suitcases, coffee cups, and accessories will show in your photographs, no matter how well-framed they are.

Headley has a totally calming alternative: “I often wonder if getting ready with one or two people in a clean and calm environment might help make a bride or groom feel more pulled together when they walk out the door. Instead, invite your bridesmaids to stop by at the end for a beautiful reveal moment.”

You aren’t wearing that dress tomorrow.

After all the time you spent finding, altering, and accessorizing your wedding gown, it’s tempting to want to keep it in pristine condition. But be honest: Are you going to wear it again? “If you’re wearing a long white dress, it will get dirty, even if your wedding is entirely indoors,” says Headley. “Don’t sweat a little dirt and don’t let it hold you back from taking in the sights and experience of the day. No one is looking at the bottom of your dress and it won’t show in photos, so relax and let it go.” Grab a bridesmaid to help with your train, and head outside for those gorgeous panoramas you really want!

Go easy on the posed shot lists.

“Don’t get photo fatigue by doing every combination possible: You just need a few key group shots and then go off to the party,” suggests Headley. “I’ve had brides make long lists and then as the night goes on, toss them out and realize what’s happening in that moment is more important. I completely agree, and try to steer my clients toward a less-is-more approach when it comes to posed photographs.”

Ask your photographer to help you compile a list of groupings they recommend, and trust their ability to order those groups for a streamlined portrait process. Then you can get to the party — those candid shots on the dance floor are the ones that will really bring back memories, anyway!

Weddings go by very fast, enjoy every second.

Even the photographer is exhausted when the day is over. “When I get home and crash after a wedding in my bed, I feel like I was just there waking up!” Headley says. “Don’t worry if something goes wrong on your wedding day or if the weather isn’t right. Hold hands with your new spouse and enjoy the party because it goes by in the blink of an eye!”

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China city bans second-time wedding banquets


A city in south-western China is banning wedding banquets for people marrying for a second time, in an attempt to curb public extravagance.

The authorities in Kaili, Guizhou province, have issued rules saying that only funerals and first-time weddings can be celebrated with banquets. They have also banned multiple feasts, and the use of different locations for one marriage ceremony, the Guizhou Evening Post reports.

A couple dance at their wedding banquet

The bride and groom must now register their intention to hold a banquet with their local government office, to ensure neither have been married before. Council officials cannot sanction a wedding bash without first filing the details with the relevant department, and must also give an account of spending on funeral banquets within ten days, including itemised bills for wine.


The ruling Communist Party launched a nationwide campaign against corruption, bureaucracy and ostentatious displays of wealth back in 2012, and the authorities in some regions have recently begun to rein in lavish marriage practices. As is usual in China, the rules are being rolled out on a trial basis to give the impression of public consultation, but are likely to be confirmed.

The latest ban has sparked a lively debate on China's popular Weibo micro-blogging site. Many people approve of the restrictions because of the wealth gap between prosperous cities like Kaili and rural areas of Guizhou, although some feel it should only apply to officials, who are most often seen as the beneficiaries of corruption. But some users find it "baffling" that people getting married a second time round can't mark it in style, and one complains that the council will "next rule on how many times a week a couple can make love".

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British couple's dream wedding ruined after dozens of guests suffered horrendous diarrhoea and vomiting bug because someone POOED in the pool


A couple are among almost 100 Brits suing a Greek hotel after their dream wedding was ruined when they fell ill with severe stomach bugs - caused by people defecating in the swimming pool.

Danielle, 30, and Mark Woollaston, 38, have launched legal action against the Marelen Hotel in Kalamaki on Zante.

The pair travelled to the Greek island for two weeks to get married and stayed at the three-star resort with 50 friends and family members in August last year.

But their wedding celebrations were ruined because of a severe gastric illness outbreak at the hotel during their stay.

The bride, groom and the majority of their guests were then diagnosed with Cryptosporidium, a parasite that causes severe symptoms, on their return to the UK.

Danielle, 30, and Mark Woollaston, 38, have launched legal action against the Marelen Hotel in Greece after dozens of their wedding guests suffered severe gastric illness at the hotel during their stay. Pictured above, the Woollastons on their wedding day with friends

Images: beach wedding dresses

Danielle and Mark, who live in Sutton Coldfield, have now instructed expert personal injury lawyers to investigate the outbreak at the Marelen Hotel.

Other guests who are also taking legal action told how the swimming pool was closed for several days due to faeces in the water.

Mark said on Sunday that the couple's dream £15,000 wedding was ruined by the illness.

The company director, who lives with Danielle and their two children Sophie, seven, and Cameron, five, added: 'We both felt unwell during the holiday.

'I was suffering from diarrhoea, vomiting and horrendous stomach cramps on the actual day of the wedding.

'It spoilt the day and it is so frustrating and disappointing.

'I didn't get to eat any of my wedding meal that we had paid for due to fearing I would have to go straight to the toilet.'

Mark and personal banker Danielle were both forced to take time off work after returning from the holiday as a result of the illness they suffered.

Many of their guests were also unable to go to a wedding reception they held back in Britain because of ongoing symptoms they were suffering.

Danielle said: 'It was a once-in-a-lifetime event ruined and we will never be able to get that back.

'We spent all that money and the best day of our lives has been ruined because people can't be bothered to clean the pool.

'The first week everyone was fine but the second week we all started dropping like flies. I would say the majority of the 50 guests were ill, including the children.

'I was in bed for three days before the wedding day and only made it by dosing myself up on medication.

'Two of the groomsmen who are normally the life of the party were really ill and had to go back to their rooms early.

'The most upsetting thing is that our wedding, a celebration with our families and friends, was spoilt not once but twice because of this outbreak.

'When we returned to the UK we knew many guests would be unable to attend the second wedding reception because we ourselves were still feeling unwell, so we knew others would still be suffering.

'I am not surprised we are not the only group of holidaymakers who have fallen ill at this hotel this year.

'All we want to know now is what caused our illness and ruined our wedding and why was more not done to protect the guests of the hotel.'

A total of 93 disgruntled holidaymakers have instructed expert international personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the outbreak of illness.

The group legal action also includes an another wedding party who travelled to the Marelen Hotel after their guests also suffered with Cryptosporidium.

People from that party noticed the the swimming pool was closed for several days due to faeces in the water.

Over a third of the 93 people affected are children with 33 youngsters suffering from illnesses including diarrhoea, abdominal pain and tiredness.

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