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What is the implication of the white wedding dress

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As the mainstream color of wedding dress, white has its deep historical roots. During the reign of emperor, the social status of women is very low, people are very value of women's chastity, girls before marriage was supposed to, this idea is also reflected in the color of the bride wore a dress. In the past some local rules: white wedding dress is girl's patent, and the second marriage or fallen woman can't wear white wedding dress, because it is considered that the wedding day the bride should be the most pure, most beautiful, and white is the only color to match her pure and beautiful.

With the development of The Times, more and more girls dress color is not satisfied with a single, their bold in wedding with all kinds of wedding dress, quiet blue, clear and lively yellow, gorgeous and noble purple... Many brides will also be on the wedding day of different time in different colors of dress, a variety of different color fully reflects the bride's character, let the bride in this belongs to the day of their points of glorious takes a person. When taking wedding photos, it is not only limited to white, so it is undeniable that white wedding dress is indeed classic. On the formal occasion of wedding day, white wedding dress is still the first choice of most brides. Because people, including the bride's own heart, all hope that the wedding day of the girl is a "water lotus", clean, quiet; Pure and beautiful.


This is the meaning of the white wedding dress! In a rapidly changing trend, white has been in its peculiar charm lurked popular color theme, all always end up in the quiet, people look forward to the inner quiet and freedom, and white fu in life more in-depth connotation.

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How can you take a good look when you are shooting a wedding dress?



There are a lot of women who like to put on double eyelids, eyelashes, eyeliner and so many complicated procedures to make their eyes beautiful. Eyes are the quintessence of the five senses, but how do you take wedding photos to make your eyes look better? Please have a look at the proposal.

When shooting, the photographer should use tungsten lamp as the lighting tool to make more eyes light. This kind of eye light can make the eye change more acuteness, acuteness, cause more diffuse eye light, the eye can become introverted, implicit wait for extremely seductive look.

Look up at the stone, the bride and groom's jaw must be kept high, eyes should not be too wide open, otherwise the face will be more rigid. The eyebrows are stretched as far as possible, with a grin on the mouth, which is a bit more lively than the original. The whole facial expression is consistent to make the picture more beautiful.

The eyes should be kept natural, do not shake, and the eyes are a little bit. The eyes are blurred and attractive.

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What should be paid attention to in autumn wedding photo shoot?



Autumn is the golden season for farmers to harvest, and the golden time for each couple to get married. The temperature is right, the weather is cool, and if you want to take wedding photos in the cool autumn, you should pay attention to the following items.

The bride should not drink too much water and eat spicy food the night before, so as to avoid the swelling of the eyes the next day and keep the mood happy. The groom should fix the beard and nose hair, the underwear should not choose the color, the dark color is good.

Try on a dress to match the skin tone of the bride and groom, for example, the bronzed skin can be paired with a pure white dress, and the yellow skin can be paired with powder green or pink orange.

Small brides can wear high-waisted, veiling gowns. The long body can choose to highlight the two arms of the dress, in addition to lace to highlight the collarbone underwear. Plump brides can opt for a straight line dress, which makes them look a little slimmer.

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