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Art and fashion mix for summer

At a recent opening for “Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, the connection between art and fashion was evident. The evening was hosted by artist Jeff Koons. H&M fashions were also showcased on top models such as Alek Wek, China Chow, Stephanie Seymour, Leandra Medine and Cindy Sherman.

Celebrating the opening of its new flagship store on Fifth Avenue, H&M is the retail sponsor of “Jeff Koons: A Retrospective,” which will run now through Oct. 19, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, located at 945 Madison Ave., at 75th Street in Manhattan. On July 17, the Swedish retailer will unveil its newest flagship store and its first ever collaboration with the notable and influential Koons. A limited edition Koons-inspired H&M leather handbag will be available for purchase at select H&M stores.

The exhibit will also travel to Centre Pompidou, Musee National d’Art Moderne, in Paris from Nov. 26-April 27, 2015, and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao from June 5, 2015-Sept. 27, 2015. For more information, visit

On July 12 from 4-7 p.m., there will be a reception at the Essie Green Galleries (419A Convent Ave., Harlem) introducing artist Lester Gunter’s collection of paintings, called “The Imagist.” The exhibit will be on view from July 12-Aug. 9.

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Gunther studied with the late Jacob Lawrence, Barrington Watson and Robert Brackman. His work focuses on Jamaican art. He will show his usual European-styled landscape paintings and portraitures. Black people were rarely depicted in art at the time, just as was the case in earlier eras. Note the simply styled dress, the hats and well-tailored clothes.

The Jamaican-born Gunter is known for his lush landscapes, market scenes and series of nudes. He has translated and transmitted his identity and experiences through his paintings for more than 45 years.

Jamaica’s modern art movement was motivated by many Jamaican artists and thinkers. Their intention is to reclaim their history and identities. They offered tuition to young Black students to encourage them to seek subjects more closely related to Jamaican life. Some artists turned their vision inward and began painting their own people.

As Eddie Chambers, a Black-British curator of Jamaican parentage, noted, “For Black people, ‘history’ refuses to be a lifeless and dull conglomeration of boring dates and events. Instead, it presents itself as earlier episodes of a current existence. We are the latest chapters of our current existence. Identity has an urgency and a relevance, which is literally worlds away from the individualism which many people take it to be.”

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Can we all make sure size triple zero doesn’t become a thing please?

So, back in the mid-noughties, size zero and then size double zero (which would be the equivalent of a size two in the UK) were bandied around as the latest must-have body shape/fashion horror story, depending on your point of view.

There was Victoria Beckham with her skinny legs and thigh gap at the 2006 World Cup and stars like Nicole Ritchie looking scarily skinny on the beach.

But, thankfully, we moved on from that. Didn’t we?!

Let's make sure size triple zero doesn't become a thing

Picture by bridesmaid dress

Well, we thought we had.

According to Grazia, Hollywood’s A-list are once again becoming obsessed with being super-skinny. And it has inspired a shocking new phenomenon: the size triple zero, which is EIGHT times smaller than a UK 16, our average national dress size.

Yes, American shoppers are now able to buy size triple zero clothes, with very small 23-inch waists, the same size waistband in fact as 6-8 year-old girls would typically wear.

An LA source reportedly told Grazia: ‘Right now it is in to be thin in Hollywood. It’s no secret that stars can make headlines out of being scarily skinny. It’s not about size zero anymore.

‘These days, double-zero sizes don’t cut it either. Size triple zero is the number-one goal here.’

Horrified doesn’t even begin to describe our reaction.

Though UK sizes don’t currently go lower than a size four (an American size zero), officially at least, US brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch are available here and do stock these smaller sizes.

A-list trainer James Duigan explains: ‘The selfie craze in particular has intensified this, and celebrities know that if they post a picture of themselves looking skinny, with ribs on show, they’ll get attention.

‘But it isn’t always real – sometimes they’re breathing in and sometimes the angle makes them look thinner than they really are.’

Adding to confusion is so-called ‘vanity sizing’ with shops inflating the supposedly standard sizes over time to help boost shoppers’ self-esteem. This means a size 10 can vary wildly between different high street retailers, sometimes by up to two inches or more on the hip.

On top of that, there’s a lack of standardisation across Europe generally.

As Grazia’s editor-in-chief Jane Bruton explains: ‘A 38 is a British size 10 in France but a size six in Italy’.

The result is complete chaos and the introduction of these new, sub-zero sizes for the naturally very slim shoppers, which others then unrealistically aspire to.

We’ve got an idea though. How about we get real, realise that it’s not actually desirable for all women to have the same super-slim body shape and quash this new ‘trend’ before it even reaches us? Just a suggestion.



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Cindy Crawford: How I Look 20 Years Younger Than My Age

Cindy Crawford has defied aging as her skin remains amazingly flawless despite the passage of twenty years since the start of her modeling days. We chatted with Cindy EXCLUSIVELY on June 18 to learn about her must-have beauty secrets — and she’s spilling them below!

Cindy Crawford, 48, is one of America’s most well-known beauties. She has graced the cover of countless magazines since her early 20s, but even as she nears her 50s, her skin and natural beauty are as radiant as ever. Her Meaningful Beautyskin care products, created from her collaborative work with anti-aging specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, contain the secret to Cindy’s stunning, youthful glow.

Cindy Crawford Beauty Secrets

Photo: wedding dresses

Cindy Crawford’s Beauty Secrets – The Key To Looking Young & Her Healthy Skin

When our Beauty Director Dory Larrabee Zayas asked Cindy about her daily beauty routines, Cindy surprisingly responded, “I always say the secrets are there are no secrets.”

“Obviously I use Meaningful Beauty, but it’s really about doing it every day,” said Cindy. “It’s cumulative and it’s about avoiding the sun and it’s about not smoking and it’s about drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep. It starts with what you put in your body, and exercise. All of those things that we all know, you have to do it.”

Cindy’s healthy lifestyle is key to looking and feeling good all the time, but her Meaningful Beauty Skin Softening Cleanser is designed to be a helpful accessory for smooth and plump skin even as it ages.

Meaningful Beauty Skin Softening Cleanser — One Of Our Must-Haves

The major focus of this cleanser is to hydrate the skin while keeping the face’s natural oils still intact. The skin stays nourished which helps maintain a smooth look.

The Meaningful Beauty products help keep Cindy looking just as amazing as she did years ago, but she’s aware that no one is immune to aging. “You know, I’m still getting older,” Cindy told us EXCLUSIVELY. “I don’t look like I did when I was 28, but it’s about looking and feeling good at every age.”


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