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Lily Kwong's Living Botanical Installation in L.A.

Inside Floral Architect Lily Kwong's Living Botanical Installation in L.A.

Fresh off its New York City launch last month, model turned floral architect Lily Kwong's botanical installation in collaboration with St-Germain liqueur landed in Los Angeles for a one-night-only visual experience Wednesday at the legendary Houdini Estate in the Hollywood Hills. A mix of L.A.'s cool kids — Olivia Culpo, Dita Von Tease, stylist Johnny Wujek, Cleo Wade and Michelle Trachtenberg — were on the scene, while D.J. Chelsea Leyland spun some tunes.

The floral architect's vision was to cultivate an immersive discovery experience for modern "bon vivants." Says Kwong: "I was deeply inspired by the project site. I wanted to layer the landscape with dynamic performances and art pieces ranging from dance to archival 'magic' projected films to a sound installation featuring sacred tones."

The visual experience featured elements of magical realism and illusions; magicians, a performance by art organization No)one. Art House, improvisational sound art by Patrick Belaga and Celtic tarot reading were enjoyed by guests throughout the five-acre property. Vintage black-and-white films were projected in gazebos, and the creation of a "Light Maison," made out of projected lights and hanging flowers, was a highlight among guests who flocked to snap photos.

"Lily's take for L.A. includes discovery moments throughout the estate that still has caves, hidden tunnels, and terraced gardens," says St-Germain brand ambassador Camille Ralph Vidal. "Her romantic-yet-whimsical journey celebrates the joyful decadence of summer indulgence, with an opportunity for guests to enjoy a rare fleeting moment of exuberance in the spirit of 1920s années folles."

Following the event, all florals were donated to 14th Factory Gallery in downtown Los Angeles to accompany the "Garlands" installation's disassembly, creating a one-day pop-up floral shop experience, where flowers will be gifted to the community of Lincoln Heights and greater Los Angeles.

To experience the over-the-top glamor of the event yourself, scroll through photos below of the insanely gorgeous event.

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Wedding Weight Loss Diet & Yoga

Lady Gaga has no horror of starring in American Horror Story: Hotel, and in fact the singing phenom is feeling blood-thirsty for her newest acting role. Lady Gaga is embracing the challenges, from love scenes to the bite-me attitude of the vindictive Countess whom she portrays, reported Access Hollywood.

American Horror Story: Hotel will showcase Lady Gaga’s debut episode on Wednesday. Among those with whom Lady Gaga co-stars are Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, and Sarah Paulson. And although those actors are famed for their success in their careers, Lady Gaga is fearless when it comes to her Countess character, who is both sexually liberated and ruthless.

“They don’t scare me, those scenes,” affirmed Lady Gaga. “In a strange way, I think I almost prefer to watch myself in a love scene.”

If that sounds odd, Lady Gaga explained that in order for a love scene to look believable, she must not just appear but feel authentic and candid.

Singer/actress Lady Gaga is energized about her new role in AHS.

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Singer/actress Lady Gaga is energized about her new role in AHS.

“I have to be completely honest in order to achieve something that looks authentic and feels real,” added Gaga.

But that doesn’t mean that the singer tries to pre-plan every move, which she feels could detract from her acting success.

“Sometimes, when you’re thinking too much about things you plan them out and you’re more robotic in your performance,” pointed out Lady Gaga.

Helping to guide Gaga in her acting career is her fiancé, Taylor Kinney, known for starring on Chicago Fire.

“I’m so happy that he’s here and he’s just been really supportive and teaching me everything that I could ever learn about TV,” praised Lady Gaga.

As for when Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney will wed, the PDA that they demonstrated on the red carpet for the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel are making some suspect that the wedding bells will be ringing soon, reported Hollywood Take.

Actress/singer Lady Gaga (R) and actor Taylor Kinney attend the premiere screening of FX's 'American Horror Story: Hotel.'

Actress/singer Lady Gaga (R) and actor Taylor Kinney attend the premiere screening of FX’s ‘American Horror Story: Hotel.’

Gaga and Taylor began their relationship in 2011, and announced their engagement last Valentine’s Day. The singer described her fiancé as tremendously supportive and in love with her true self rather than judging her appearance.

“[He] loves me from the inside out. And he is completely blind to the way that I dress, my creative process as it is — he knows me as the Italian-American girl my mother and father gave birth to.”

Wedding details have gradually emerged, with some rumors that the couple will wed at her mansion in Malibu. Tony Bennett will sing, and he predicts that the wedding will be fabulous.

And it’s not just the wedding day that will be fabulous. Lady Gaga has been working on getting fit and fabulous herself with a combination of diet and a variety of exercises designed by her trainer Harley Pasternak, reported PopSugar.

Lady Gaga is getting fit and fab for her wedding.

In addition to exercising a minimum of 25 minutes five days a week, Lady Gaga emphasizes yoga in her life. She takes classes regularly, and prefers Bikram and hot power yoga. And Lady Gaga is so dedicated to yoga that when she’s traveling, she heads to a local yoga studio to practice her sun salutations.

To achieve her weight loss goals, Gaga uses Harley’s 5 Factor Diet and eats three snacks and two meals consisting of lean protein, low-glycemic carbs, healthy fats, fiber, and a sugar-free beverage. But don’t worry that she can’t indulge in that wedding cake — Harley’s plan permits a cheat day each week.

What else is in Lady Gaga’s future? A role in Barbra Streisand’s Gypsy, reported Billboard.

“Barbra [has been] wanting to do Gypsy for years, and she’s been developing it, and I think she always visualized Gaga as Louise and maybe me as Herbie,” revealed John Travolta.

It’s not yet known if Streisand will act as well as direct.

Read more:

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Echo win a wedding competition

Echo win a wedding competition: Now you can make their dreams come true

THE judges have spoken and the final nine couples for your Echo’s Win a Wedding competition, in association with Park Inn, Southend, have been chosen. Now it’s over to you to select the couple who will win a £12,000 wedding.

Call the number given with each case study if you want that couple to win.

Kayleigh Middleton and Bill Lawrence, both 23, had been saving up for their wedding when Kayleigh fell pregnant.

Their attentions quickly switched from saving for the wedding to providing for their baby but they are now hopeful of still having their dream day.

Bill proposed when the Wickford couple were on holiday in July 2013 but just a few months later, in December, Kayleigh fell pregnant with their son being born last August.

She said: “Getting married would make us a proper little family.”

Bill, a trainee surveyor, and Kayleigh, a carer for disabled children, first met outside a nightclub nearly four years ago and are now looking for a place to buy in Wickford.


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Kayleigh added: “We have been looking to move for around a year.

“If we won then the money have from not having to save for a wedding and a house, could all go into one thing and it would make us so happy.”

Kirstie Hayward and Codey Lime first met at the beach in Leigh when they were teenagers, and now just a few years later they are hoping to get married.

The couple live together in Leigh but, like many others, are struggling to scrape together enough cash for a deposit on a house.

Kirstie, 20, has been working as a relief manager at Havens Hospice for eight months while Codey works for a car company.

They have been saving for a wedding since they got engaged two years ago but their target still seems a long way off.

Kirstie said: “Trying to save for both a house deposit and a wedding just isn’t possible at the minute, it doesn’t work.

“We have looked at a few places that we would be interested in having the wedding but it would take another couple of years to save up for them – even just with the basic packages.”

Dan Lovegrove feels getting married to his fiancée Ashleigh Monksfield would complete his life.

The couple already live together in their own home in Rayleigh with their 18-month-old son Kellan and another they have another baby on the way.

Dan, 28, now wants to complete their family by getting married to Ashleigh, 25.

He said: “I entered the competition initially and didn’t think we’d get anywhere near winning it – but I guess someone has to.

“We have been together for nearly five years now, have one boy and have another on the way, so the wedding would be the perfect way to our lives and our family.

“We’ve looked at other places to hold the wedding and were thinking about maybe doing it in 2017, but winning this would be amazing and mean that money could go on providing for our children.”

Graeme Gibney and Rebecca Moran moved into their first home together, in Wickford, last April, and are looking to cap off the year by getting married.

The couple have been together for more than four years Rebecca said: “It means the world for us to be getting married.

“We are quite young so it would be a massive benefit for us, to not have to worry about the financial burden of a wedding.

“We have both come from very secure families, both our parents are still together, and it has always been a life-long dream for me to get married.

“The location would be great as well, we have very big families so to have somewhere with accommodation would really help us out.

“Getting to see the place made it all more real as well, I’d never been to the hotel before but it was so beautiful, I’d love to get married there.”

Sam Harding, 22, would like nothing more than for her two-year-old son Toby-Jay to walk her down the aisle at her dream wedding.

Toby-Jay suffers from the rare genetic condition tuberous sclerosis, a condition that means he suffers around 50 fits a day and rarely sleeps.

His development is also slowed and while he cannot quite walk yet, his mum Sam cannot wait for Toby-Jay to walk her down the aisle to meet his step dad Graeme Segrave, 27.

Sam said: “We have so much going on with our day to day life that it would be nice to have a happy day.

“I don’t have any parents so to have my son walk me down the aisle would be amazing.

“Graeme is his step-dad, but he calls him daddy.

“Toby-Jay is in and out of hospital every other week and I always have to be there to give consent, so it would be great for Graeme to be officially his dad and be able to be a part of things.”

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