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How to make the most qualified bridesmaid

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The bride is the protagonist of the wedding. As a bridesmaid, how can you make the bride feel relieved to hold this wedding and witness her happiest moment?

1. Always pay attention to the newcomer's image. The bride is the protagonist of the wedding. The bride's image can not be a little problem. As a bridesmaid, you must always check the bride's makeup, veil, and skirt. If necessary, ask the makeup artist for assistance.

2. To help new couples carry their personal belongings and listen to the arrangements of the staff, familiar with the bride's dress needs to match the shoes, underwear and jewelry, the bride must be well kept.

3. As a bridesmaid you must be eyelid to live some things, such as helping to take things in the hands of the bride, or help them to keep their hands to maintain a good demeanor, or see the bride tears when handed a paper towel.

The above is an introduction of how to make a qualified bridesmaid for Xiaobian to share with you. I hope that the bridesmaid can help the bride hold this touching wedding.

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Is makeup artist professional for wedding photography?


A professional makeup artist can make the most beautiful makeup. A professional makeup artist can make you more beautiful. If you want to take a wedding photo, you can create the most beautiful makeup. Then don't hesitate anymore, and come quickly to our wedding photography of Xiamen.

Xiamen China Color Beauty Wedding Photography has the most professional makeup team and they will provide you with the most professional services. Our makeup artist has a professional qualification certificate, so everyone can completely rest assured that our makeup artist. Our makeup artist will choose your outfit according to your needs. After choosing the clothes, our makeup artist will give you the most beautiful makeup based on your chosen clothes.

Our make-up artists are very patient and you can tell us our make-up artist if you have any makeup requirements. Our makeup artists will do their best to help you solve them. Therefore, we are the most professional makeup artists for wedding photography in Xiamen. Come and have a wedding photo shoot with us at the Xiamen Beauty Lady. Here you will surely feel value for money and you will feel especially comfortable here.

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Shoot the seascape wedding photos Choose the shooting season that suits you

Spring flowers, summer sun, deep autumn, deep snow fly, all the year round, each has its advantages; everyone has their own habits, and some people like the refreshing feeling of spring in all things, of course, some people like the joy of autumn harvest time. The wedding photo shoot is also true, many newcomers will deliberately choose a season to shoot wedding photos, then, in the end which season is suitable for shooting seascape wedding photos, you know? Next, Qingdao wedding photography Xiao Bian came to introduce new people. March-June: The sky in the late spring and early summer is pure blue, and the sea also has a light blue color. At this stage, the sea surface is a horizontal line, and there are not too many waves crashing. New people who like to shoot wedding photographs of the sea, may wish to take wedding photos at this stage, so the weather is very uniform, not hot or cold, the photos taken clear water, photo effects give people a fresh sense of spring. July-September: During the summer, because of the onset of the rainy season, the humidity of the sea is relatively high. Therefore, the color reflected by the sea is relatively dark. The shooting effect at this stage will be a little boring. Coupled with the fact that the seaside is a summer resort, this period of time has naturally become a peak period for tourism. Therefore, if a newcomer chooses to take a wedding photo at this stage, he or she should make a careful plan for the itinerary. October is a season of blooming flowers. It's the autumn season, the transparency of the air is high, and the clear sea will reflect the blue of the sky. This deeper sea color, plus the waves in the autumn, beat the rocks. Therefore, this is the most romantic season for photographing seascape wedding photographs. The characters photographed will be cherished by this unique color of the sea and make the mood more emotional. In the winter, it is conceivable to photograph a wedding photograph of the sea. Due to the winter, the cold weather will appear even colder due to the contrast of the sea. This kind of cold weather will leave the bride with a pale appearance, and it will not be the best release, but the snow scene And for this defect to make up for a lot of newcomers who yearn for the fairy tale of Rui Xue's vision, can this be missed? Each season has its own merits. The key lies in the mood effect that the newcomers want to express. Only the shooting effect is clearly defined. Which season is naturally simple and clear, and taking a perfect wedding photo is natural. Read more at: bridesmaids dresses melbourne | bridesmaids dresses sydney