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The clever details of the perfect wedding are memorable

The clever details of the perfect wedding make every couple dream of a creative and personal wedding, leaving a memorable memory. Then there are many details to be noticed in wedding planning. Take a look at the clever details of the perfect wedding.

The clever details of a perfect wedding

Flowers are one of the most eye-catching props in the wedding, no matter holding flowers or table flowers, they cannot be tied up at will. We should consider the harmonious relationship between the colors and shapes of flowers. On modelling also with small for good, too big modelling can let a person feel verbose.

Elaborate details of a perfect wedding. 2

Arrive evening revelry party time, still cannot ignore the detail performance of warm wedding atmosphere, on the table or on the bar place a few chic illuminative adornment, suit the environment of evening party wedding very much. The candlelight and kclau people reflect each other, presenting the luxury of the party.

3. Sweet wedding cake

Wedding cake is a symbol of the beginning of a sweet marriage. No matter what kind of wedding, a special wedding cake should be prepared for the guests to celebrate. In the party wedding, the cake does not have to be huge and incomparable, color collocation is harmonious and have new idea more popular, for example, fruit cake can use profusion color as the expression key.

The clever details of a perfect wedding

It is important that the main dishes are in line with the guests' tastes. If you have no idea, you can ask about the general taste preferences of the guests in advance. When you decide the dishes with the restaurant, you should choose more dishes that the guests like.

The artful details of a perfect wedding. 5

Good service will enable guests to meet their needs at any time and give your wedding a good evaluation. The waiter is also a member of your wedding when serving you. Keep your smile on your face. If you can make them feel happy in the heart of the couple, even if they are working, they will smile because of the wedding atmosphere.

The clever details of a perfect wedding. 6

The wedding anniversary is a small, elaborate gift. Try putting the candy together with a small card that prints your pictures and adds text such as your wedding day and a thank-you note. The color of outer packing had better accord with the emotional appeal of wedding, pink department is more romantic.

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