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Take wedding photos how does the bride make up not to leave the picture regretful


Taking wedding photos is the memory of the happy moments of the bride and groom, as well as the memories and treasures of the couple after several years. Therefore, every couple who get married presents their perfect face when taking wedding photos.

How does the bride make up for the wedding picture? Wedding photos, the beautiful memories of life in the future, afraid of the wedding photos will bring a lack of regret, so we must know how to take wedding photos of the bride how to make up.

In the face of fluorescent and incandescent lights, make-up artists and photographers will advise the bride to use a covering cream and foundation to cover up the pigmentation on her skin. Apply opaque foundation evenly, can make skin perfect effect. Perfect the wedding photos. Of course, powder is also indispensable, it should be used to fix the foundation, and at the same time stop the sweat. Be careful, though, that sweat may reflect the flash and create black and white spots on wedding photos.

How does the bride make up for the wedding picture the sun is the purest and roughest of all the light. On the other hand, the bride's make-up on the wedding day should be very soft, and she should choose a lighter color to make herself look as natural as possible. Dark and bright colors are not wise choices, they only make you look older in wedding photos.

Apart from professional models, few people are lucky to be born with a clean-cut face. In addition, when taking wedding photos, the photo opportunity will make people's faces more flat, so professional make-up artists know that when taking wedding photos, their work is focused on the precise application of various colors to highlight the beautiful facial contour. That's why there are so many brushes, pens and shadow powder at the cosmetics counter. The clever use of these tools can create large eyes, high cheekbones, a straight jaw and a well-proportioned mouth.

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