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Chinese style wedding bride dress shows the mysterious beauty of Oriental women


The traditional Chinese wedding is quite happy and lively, so now many young people choose to hold the wedding in the traditional form, so what are the traditional Chinese wedding bridal clothes? Let's look at it in detail.

Chinese style wedding bridal gown -- Chinese dress

Hanfu is traditional Chinese style wedding dress is a classic, hanfu in cut very pay attention to highlight the bride's curvaceous, hanfu with silk embroidery wide sleeves add of of primitive simplicity and elegant design, but also to increase the aesthetic feeling of of primitive simplicity of bride, modern bride hanfu can choose mostly adopts two rich color, bright red color and yellow embroidery week because of the traditional system of the wedding dress color more dark heavy, the other week starter-making fringing in tailoring and waist design can modify the bride shape well foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, moving between reveal natural clever and charming.

Chinese style wedding bridal gown -- cheongsam

Qipao is the most representative costume of Oriental women, and also the most traditional costume of Chinese female stars, known as the quintessence of China. Qipao has been improved many times, and many times it has been improved by integrating some modern elements on the basis of respecting tradition, making it more elegant and able to present the female figure curve. Therefore, the bride can show more visual beauty.

The Chinese dress

Chinese style wedding bridal gown -- modified cheongsam

The improved qipao is a combination of Chinese and western elements, which can show the delicate and elegant noble temperament of the bride. However, it is not only tall girls who can handle it. As long as they are in good shape, they can hold it no matter how tall or short they are. The length of the cheongsam that reaches the knee, even if a small bride, can wear the charm of the cheongsam.

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