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Share your wedding rental experience


In order to ensure the smooth running of a perfect wedding, couples who intend to rent wedding dresses must have the experience of renting wedding dresses. Below, we will share the experience of renting wedding dresses with you.

Wedding dress rental experience 1: hygiene

Health is the biggest problem with renting a wedding dress, and it's one of the main reasons most prospective brides dread renting it.

Rented wedding dress did not clean and clean and hurt the skin, even the health of the body, such news cases, often in the television, newspaper, the Internet is exposed, those a wedding dress for more than a dozen people every day wear the statement, how can let a person feel at ease? Normally, the dress should be cleaned every time it is rented out and returned.

The sanitary condition of the wedding dress rented by the bride-to-be is indeed one of the key issues that should be considered by the bride-to-be. Therefore, when we choose the wedding dress studio, we should also consider the businesses that have their own exclusive factories and cleaning service partners.

Wedding dress rental experience 2: shop selection

Before leasing the wedding dress, we should have a general understanding of the overall rental price through various aspects of knowledge, after inspection, it is convenient to choose the merchants. Generally speaking, the wedding dresses provided by reputable merchants are guaranteed in all aspects. Actually the method that saves time and energy most is to go to special bridal studio to rent bridal gown, the bridal design of the studio is quite complete, and the environment is better, rent and return also more convenient.

Wedding dress rental experience 3: price

The price of the wedding dress, of course, is the most important issue for the bride-to-be! A wedding dress that sells for thousands of yuan only needs about 500 yuan to rent. Compared with buying a wedding dress, the advantages of renting a wedding dress on price are obvious and naturally the most sensitive. The price of the wedding dress is different according to the material and style of the wedding dress. Some only undertake wedding dress rental stores, rent wedding dress cheap, but the quality is general; There are also wedding dress shops that rent wedding dresses for a little bit more, but with other services, such as renting wedding dresses for dinner, bridesmaid dresses and so on. If these services are something you plan to do differently, you can make up the difference by going back and forth.

Therefore, as for the price of wedding dress rent, we still need to analyze the specific situation and choose according to the different needs of the bride-to-be. What needs special friendship reminder here is: even if it is rented, it is only a once in a lifetime experience. Before placing an order, we must shop around for the best price and the most suitable wedding dress.

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