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Wedding dress queen guiyu beauty


YUMI K PARIS wedding dress is designed by world-renowned wedding dress designer GUI youmei. The brand has been established for 42 years, and its stores are located in major cities around the world. Every year in Japan, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Beijing, dalian, Barcelona, Monaco, Moscow and other fashion centers will hold gui-yu-mei wedding dresses show.

In the nearly 40 years of wedding dress design career, Ms. Kwai yumei has been committed to developing the continuous innovation of wedding dress. Her design style is gorgeous, delicate and novel, which is divorced from the traditional aesthetic and binding mode. In recent years, her design ideas come from a new sense of The Times, and the choice of raw materials is free. They are also admired by royalty and celebrities. Ms guangxi by the original "by the beautiful wedding gown" in accord with the world popular wedding dresses at the same time adds the concept of "3 s", namely, concise fashion, succinct, sexy, sexy and elegant long, slender, breakthrough the traditional "A" type, "X" type of wedding dress design, the original "by the" line of wedding dresses, the smaller convergent and kimono modelling in factors, makes the "beauty" is quite different from "tail" line, make the romance of the western and Oriental feelings perfectly together, zhuo without group!

Japan's famous Wedding dress brand kwai yin-mei held a grand new product launch conference in Tokyo, with "Sound Shower Wedding" as the theme, released 7 series of bridal gowns, dresses, accessories about 110 new works.

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