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Romantic overseas wedding


A foreign wedding is a wedding ceremony held by a prospective couple in a country other than the place where they live. There are two general categories: symbolic weddings and locally legally registered weddings.

According to different wedding venues, foreign weddings can be divided into chapel weddings (or church weddings), beach weddings, garden weddings or villa weddings, etc.

According to the number of weddings, foreign weddings can be divided into individual weddings and group weddings.

A foreign wedding is a wedding that costs more than a mid-level wedding in China, but it prevents complicated wedding preparations and broadens the view of foreign countries. With spring flowers blooming, "foreign wedding" is becoming a new fashion for young people to tie the knot in the year of the rabbit. Going abroad for an exotic wedding is becoming a new fashion for many young couples and a new selling point for outbound tourism. Set wedding photography, wedding, honeymoon in the integration of foreign wedding tourism products, began to be popular with young people.

April and may are the peak months for honeymooners to visit. The weather is not only suitable, but also the tour fee is significantly lower than the peak in July and August, making it the choice for many tourists. In 2011, Julius Caesar's "foreign wedding" tour entered its fifth year. As for high-end tourism products, whether they have a long life is the key. Industry insiders suggest that fancy ideas are the key to its success. The individualized "foreign wedding" has become the model of high-end honeymoon travel, which has led more and more tourist agencies to spend more time on honeymoon travel.

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