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The popular style of wedding photos


We are all in the dream of its own weaving, to create their own dream, because you know the difference between dream and reality there is some, and now new people all like romantic and fashionable dress photography, this for wedding photography studio to nothing, is a test of good will smooth promotion, bad will be eliminated. Only having a variety of styles is enough to be convincing. Now is the time for style competition.

We all know that western by may be a wedding dress, but we may be different in China, we have come from tang suit slowly transformed into marriage gauze, actually masterpiece or cheongsam, ever think their own marriage gauze is the combination of both, tang suit collision sparks of fashion, in under the construction of our Chinese cultural relics, the gentle little girl, with small steps, with delicate makeup look, creating the most unique the colors, to make a set of photos is not so feel have contemporary significance.

80.90 now, there is a kind of special meaning, in her beautiful youth, is always what to leave some special meaningful things, like to make public individual character, of course, now the photos will be a different, young people like fashion agitation, permeated with the youth personality style is full of personality, the structure of the picture color rich, highlights the shape of the character and the characteristic, we now need to show the personality of their own youth, the best memories stay.

See the Korean dramas "romantic house full of" new people will know that the song hye kyo skin but rather envy letting a person, we girls all like fantasy, when I was a child, of course, also can fantasize about followed his beloved people to go to the castle of love, and photos of Korean customs is good at Korean dramas, the new people's love story fully into the wedding photographs, in love story, now people like to go to find the most beautiful scenery of nature, then follow the small make up into the most beautiful locations!

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