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create a queen style wedding photo


In 2014, the year of the horse is a lot of implied meaning, in order to get better heat, a lot of people immediately put a dollar coin called rich, immediately put on the back of the horse as soon as the object is called object, in 2014, I think each of us has a lot of desire, also some people hope to be able to follow their own the other half of shooting good photos, wedding is the beginning of the dream of a woman's life, each wedding dress design, of course, to be good enough,

Maybe some of the girls in character is careless, not a little girl of that kind of gentle breath, may he their hair is short, so how should face neutral brides in studios to choose their own marriage gauze, may have seen little era of brides may know, that the little black dress in the gu was special noble, streamline brown hair collocation gives red lips let many brides for the monster, I think, this spell able exquisite modelling also is very good oh!

There is a kind of feeling is great figure of a bride, so exquisite lines is highlighting one of the best, simple fishtail wedding dress yes classic wedding dresses, the wedding dress especially easy to draw the outline of the new people especially in shape design, give their sexy "S" shape to good stand out, women in the wedding studio footage of sexy amorous feelings.

Said the delicate and sexy, so have the queen's wedding dress style is also makes brides special attention, let the queen's demeanor, may build on wedding dresses is particularly demanding, long tail wedding dress with the most delicate makeup look, also represents the temperament of the queen's crown, plus hazy veil, the queen's temperament is so arises spontaneously oh! Let your wonderful moments be recorded in the wedding photography studio forever!

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