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Solve the embarrassment of taking photos without laughing


Joys and sorrows is the nature of man, the person's mood is always along with the change of surrounding environment and the things different, the different manifestations of the mood also can affect the person's work and life, to have to do a certain impact. For new photography, this is a pleasant thing, but a lot of new people will show a very nervous, the stiffness of the facial expression, this is the psychological quality closes nevertheless, the new personality to take wedding photos, this is a very serious problem, not a charming expression, how can clap a beautiful wedding photos?

The bride was the most beautiful woman in the world, smile is the most attractive, but in the face of the camera will show all kinds of disturbing, these are shown on the face, for the couple is going to take wedding photos, can appear very anxious, do not laugh?

A lot of people would say, laugh, who wouldn't? But how to smile more beautiful new people know? There are many kinds of smiles, and there are different smiles on different occasions. For wedding photos, we should try our best to make ourselves smile more beautiful and show what we think is the most beautiful and most touching smile. So, what kind of smile is the most beautiful? For photography, the heart is the most beautiful, natural smile but don't laugh, you fair maiden will be wiped out, unless you want to take the female image of man.

When smiling, the bride's mouth is just slightly open, showing a little bit of white teeth. In photography, photographers and new tell some jokes, guide the bride, the bride will actively cooperate with, or think you the most happy bride, that smile is the most happy, charming smile. The photographer will also record this moment of laughter.

Small make up remind new people in the picture taken to relax state of mind, don't be nervous, the couple can the existence of marriage photographer, in your eyes is the beloved person to love you, so also afraid of you will smile not good-looking? Wedding photos taken in the most relaxed state are the most attractive and beautiful. 

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