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Where is it appropriate for parents of the couple to meet


Couple both parents meet, is the natural thing, is to get married to preparations for the event, the two families without any intersection because this time the two saw each other to become the world's most close to the family, find a suitable time to meet the right location is an important thing, summarizes several more appropriate places have no idea of the new people look at together.

Home: generally speaking, the man should visit the woman's home on his own initiative, which shows respect to her family. If both parties agree to meet at the man's home, there is no problem. Meeting at home will bring you closer and closer. And it's more like a large family enjoying happiness without being disturbed by others.

Dining room: choose to meet in the restaurant. An independent room is necessary. The location is chosen by the woman first. Outside meetings are usually paid for by the man, and the overall environment and style of the restaurant are also required. The restaurant you choose should be quiet, the dishes are exquisite, and the taste of the dishes should be dominated by the woman first. The boyfriend should ask the girlfriend in advance, the family has what taboo, to be polite.

Hotel: the choice of meeting at the hotel indicates that the wedding is on the agenda. You can choose the hotel where you are going to hold your wedding. In addition to the meeting, your parents can also visit the hotel and make a decision on the spot. You can also discuss and divide up some of the substantive issues of the wedding.

Tea house, coffee shop: it is the pursuit of quality of life for parents to meet new people who choose cafes or tea houses. They need a comfortable environment to communicate. Quiet environment, melodious music like running water, in such an environment to meet, is very pleasant things, parents of both sides will be very comfortable.

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