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Preparations for summer wedding photos


Summer arrived, the fr8121799988_1772767865.jpgagrant flowers, green grass, clear blue sky, at this time will be the best time of photography, many couples choose to shoot wedding photos, to leave a good memories of their love, but in the summer, photography is a place where there are a lot of attention should be paid to heat, heat stroke, sunscreen, makeup, mosquitoes, and so on questions, the studio staff will remind you.

Marriage is a great joy, so couples are willing to take the perfect outdoor wedding picture even in the hot sun. At this point, you need to do a good job of sun protection, sunscreen is essential, this new people when shooting with makeup artists in advance communication. In order to avoid heat stroke, remember to bring a wet tissue or towel in your bag. But the best way to cool down is not to drink, not only to quench thirst but also to replenish physical strength. Summer outdoor wedding photos need to choose waterproof makeup, because it's hot in summer, very easy to sweat, so delicate makeup look is very easy to spend, in that case are very awkward and ugly.

If couples choose to take wedding photos in the countryside or along the river in the summer, they need to do a good job of mosquito prevention. New people can carry on wind or essential balm, so that when a mosquito bites can take timely measures to wind and cool when shooting can also have the effect of refreshing. Another way to prevent mosquitoes is to put mosqulio repellent on the body beforehand. Outdoor wedding photos should also be careful to be wounded by weeds or branches oh! So there's no shortage of band-aids in the bag.

Filming outdoor blink must enough oh, the night before the wedding photos for their wedding photos when sleep is not just for the sake of the new people's health and to ensure the quality of the photos. It takes a lot of physical energy to shoot the wedding dress outdoors, so you should get enough sleep before shooting the wedding dress, so that your body and mind are in the best condition. Warm tips: when sleeping, do not adjust the air conditioning too low, or when shooting outdoor scenes, it will be easy to generate fatigue, air conditioning temperature around 23 degrees is appropriate.

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