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Quick wedding photo selection method


New people to take wedding photos need a day or two days, all day in earnest, expression, from exterior to interior, various styles of wedding photos are trying, the end of the day, face smile are stiff, the body tired not to mention. What are we working so hard for? In order to get the photo at the end, you can see the most satisfactory result. When selecting the film at the end, the new couple should pay much attention to it.

Set the budget

The budget before the film selection is ignored by most new employees, which may not be necessary, so they can choose not to pay or not to pay. But I don't know that there will always be better things to choose from. Make a budget and set your own price in advance. You can effectively avoid temptation if you are basically satisfied with the film selection.

A friend to accompany

When it comes to choosing movies, it's a highly focused job and you may not be able to do it all yourself. So find a friend or two who has some experience or good aesthetic appreciation to help you effectively choose the right photo and give effective Suggestions. But you don't need too many friends, because if you have too many people, it will affect you.

Fast browsing

When you get your wedding photos from the wedding photography shop, you need to browse them quickly. You need to have a rough idea of the style, style and number of wedding photos. Do not stay on the wedding photo too long at this time, or there may be and after the photo can not be selected.

Fine selection

You choose when the choice of don't be too impatient, need at least two to three hours to selective, otherwise, the time is too short, most couples can appear anxious psychology, but all the behavior of the home, must be calm, give yourself some more time to calm to consider.

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