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How does marriage gauze photograph take just good-looking


As is known to all, marriage is the most important moment, everyone in his life before two people into the church to prepare a lot of things, such as the bride-to-be to prepare their wedding dresses, bridesmaids to prepare for the bridesmaid dresses, insert a oh here has the need to find me oh), choose the wedding venue, decorate the wedding, of course has a wedding now.

I think we all attach great importance to wedding photography. We all hope to have a set of perfect wedding photos to collect and have a good memory. Then you should pay attention to some details when taking wedding photos, which will help you take wedding photos. Some friends are always worried about whether their smiles will come out naturally and their posture is not good. Today I'd like to share a few of the highlights of this photo shoot. A few points are summarized:

The tongue is on the back of the front teeth of the upper jaw, making the mouth and lower face look better. This is a trick inside the model! 2. Stand upright naturally and keep your back straight. The curves of your long legs and hips will come out naturally. Don't lose your eyes.

An emotional expression in your eyes can make a photo seem affectionate. Tilt your head slightly upwards and your nose will look smaller. 3. Long neck: stretch the neck to reveal the elegance of the neck. A smile is the most photogenic expression, but no

Can laugh, lest the fine lines around the eyes are obvious, lost posture. 4, in the picture taken in hand if you don't know where to put, and then take a items, such as balloons, glass or mirror. Won't appear too drab 5, don't worry about not good-looking, imagine yourself to be the most beautiful people, relaxed and confident, you are the most beautiful person on the site.

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