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The way the groom dresses up at the wedding


The bride is the focal point of the wedding day and is meticulous about the dress, dress, accessories and hairstyle, but don't overlook the importance of a man's dress.

The bride is the focus of the wedding day, to the wedding dress, the dress is conscientious and meticulous, accessories and hair style requirements, however, the most beautiful bride and groom also should have clothing appropriate, will appear with lining, do not ignore the importance of men's dress.

Bridal groom formal attire collocation method 1, big formal attire

Men's dresses can be divided into big dresses and small dresses. The tuxedo includes a tuxedo and a day gown. It is a formal dress, with little change in style. With the exception of the suit and trousers, a vest is added to make a formal dress. In fact, in addition to the groom, the groomsman, the father of the bride and groom can also wear a day dress at the wedding reception to show the solemnity.

The groom's wedding dress collocation method 2, small dress

As for the dress, it is more common on weekdays. The front of the coat must be sewn with the same color of satin. Due to the change of dress styles, these small accessories can increase the change of dress, and the groom can according to the trend or personal taste more, choose to match line to a bride wedding dress and evening dress designs and styles.

3. Dress accessories

Whether wearing dress suit or dress, a specific style of dress shirts cannot little, must be brand new and very white T-shirt, can produce a strong contrast with the color of the dress, make the groom looks more high spirits; And more fastidious personage, can match the dress button on the T-shirt and cuff button more.

The most formal dress, strictly speaking, comes with a top hat, gloves and sleek dress shoes, but the extra accessories are less common in Hong Kong because of the heat.

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