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​Instantly tall! Photo Tips for Petite Bride


Having a perfect wedding photo is the dream of every bride. For the perfect bride, it is a simple matter to shoot a tall figure, but for a small bride, she has to spend some. thought. Today Xiao Bian started from many aspects and told everyone how to create a tall figure for a small bride.

Selection of hairstyles

In our day-to-day life, we usually choose a hat-like product to increase our own height. Of course, it is not appropriate for a hat to appear in a wedding photo. Therefore, we must start from other headwear, for example, choose a crown and wear it on the head. , can highlight the bride's temperament at the same time can also increase for the bride a lot of Oh!

The choice of wedding dress

Tilga's own body through costumes is not only used in wedding photography, even our everyday outfit is inevitable. The bride can choose a high waist long wedding dress, high waist design makes the bride's lower body looks as long as possible, from the visual to create a tall bride.

Wear high heels

High-heeled shoes can be said to be a must-have for girls, and it is also an essential artifact to increase. No matter how petite your child is, wearing a pair of hate high is enough to increase your body height. When photographing a wedding photo, the petite bride must not leave the creation of high-heeled shoes. Even if the bride does not get used to high-heeled shoes, she must not give up her choice at this moment.

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