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Sanya wedding photography


Sanya is a beautiful coastal city. Sanya's mountains, Sanya's water, we have all played one by one. The most enjoyable thing is to go to the Forest Park. Unfortunately, we didn't choose the wedding scene in the Forest Park. The most beautiful forest park I think is the tip of the ocean from the woods. As we climb the mountains here, we can see that it is a hazy city. Unlike Sanya, one cannot see the end of the sea. And Forest Park is on Yalong Bay. Compared to Sanya Bay, I think the waters of Yalong Bay are better and clearer.

During the five-day trip, I went to a lot of attractions to play, including the size of the wedding photos. Also went to Tianya Haijiao, Nanshan Temple, Yanoda Rainforest, West Island, and Forest Park. Wuzhizhou Island did not go, but the time came. Stop-and-go travel is also good. There are some funny things. It was in the rain forest of Yanoda that I actually saw the alpacas, which is commonly known as mud horses. Grass mud horse gray, Zhang's special cute. It is too unscientific to hear that it is a rich person. The rich people travel with it? The specific reason is unknown. I took a photo with it next to it. Super cute. The Guanyin in Nanshan Temple is really shocking. On the day of the weather there were a few clouds floating in the sky. The sky was a special blue. Daguanyin was particularly tall under the blue sky. Buddhism was strong. The place of culture is good, I think.

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