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Wedding dress fashion style and unique wedding dress


Wedding dress popular style, in the wedding day, wearing a fashionable and unique wedding dress, show the most beautiful themselves, is one of the most important missions of every bride. What is the fashion trend of wedding dresses this season? What kind of wedding dress is popular style ability more line show oneself figure? Let's take a look at wedding dress fashion.

1. Gauze fabric

With the popularity of lawn weddings, seaside weddings and family weddings, luxurious, heavy satin was gradually replaced by lightweight, mannered muffins, georgette and hollowed-out lace. Today, tulle skirts are beginning to take the place of reflective satin. Fill in the "royal elder sister" Kitty zhang and wang quan 'an maldives wedding, Kitty zhang is wore a have feather texture, with classic lace corset and multi-layer loose skirt wedding dress, made at the wedding of her less valuable "royal elder sister" style and more lightsome.

For the use of gauze, designers through the fabric of their own characteristics wedding dress brings out the natural outline, a reverse long mop the floor dress heavy and thick satin material, let the bride to wear quite easily. Photo of marriage certificate

2. Lace element

Lace is one of the most popular fashion elements in recent years. It symbolizes romance and makes the bride more elegant. Even if not in such a grand occasion as wedding, European and American actress in various occasions also favor the infinite charm of lace.

In wedding dress design, romantic bud silk dress always make the finishing point of the pen, whether the design of the neckline, or in a skirt, or in the hand, can let the bride-to-be elegant temperament roof. But if you want to wear the lace wedding dress out the effect of elegant fair maiden, more consider the collocation model and fabric design, if use gem, satin and thick lace design together, the image of elegant fair maiden is like nature itself.

Wedding dress fashion 3. Sexy short style

When thinking about wedding dresses, many people's first impression is that a long skirt sweeps the floor. In fact, now the long version of tuodi wedding dress is no longer the world, because of the use of a short wedding dress, simple design and more people like. The slender legs of the bride can be seen from knee to knee, highlighting her height. As the wedding dress becomes shorter, the style of wedding shoes can also be more lively and bold. Petite and lively, the bride is very suitable for a short wedding dress, if can be matched with flowers and stacked tower skirt design, it is better.

Short wedding dresses are very popular in Europe, America and other places. The wife of beatle carterney also wore short wedding dresses at the wedding. After the wedding, the short wedding dress can be worn again, but not only "once", which can relieve many brides in the purchase of wedding dress full of regret.

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