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How to make the most qualified bridesmaid


     The bride is the protagonist of the wedding. As a bridesmaid, how can you allow the bride to finish the wedding with peace of mind and witness her happiest moment? Today Xiaobian shares it with you.

1. Always pay attention to the newcomer's image. The bride is the protagonist of the wedding. The bride's image can not be a little problem. As a bridesmaid, you must always check the bride's makeup, veil, and skirt. If necessary, ask the makeup artist for assistance.

2. To help new couples carry their personal belongings and listen to the arrangements of the staff, familiar with the bride's dress needs to match the shoes, underwear and jewelry, the bride must be well kept.

3. As a bridesmaid you must be eyelid to live some things, such as helping to take things in the hands of the bride, or help them to keep their hands to maintain a good demeanor, or see the bride tears when handed a paper towel.

The above is an introduction of how to make a qualified bridesmaid for Xiaobian to share with you. I hope that the bridesmaid can help the bride hold this touching wedding.

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Glasses bride makeup tips

gorgeous-chiffon-long-wedding-dress-hsnci0003-4298-3 (1).jpg

   How can a bride with glasses wear herself even more radiant when she is making up her makeup? Today Xiaobian shares it with you.

1. When new couples take wedding photographs, wearing thick glasses directly affects the shooting effect of the wedding photographs. This requires the bride to wear contact lenses or wear false frames when shooting wedding photographs.

2. Make your eyes look more attractive by drawing eyeliners and eye shadows. You can also increase the look of your eyes by wearing a beautiful pupil.

3. After daily skin care, use a concealer slightly darker than the skin color, gently press in the eyelid area, and then apply makeup on the liquid foundation, using a higher density triangle sponge. Apply makeup evenly along the direction of the skin pores.

These are the bride makeup tips that Xiaobian has shared with you. She hopes that myopic brides will show their most beautiful manners when taking pictures and holding their own wedding.

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