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Wedding photography teaches prospective bride and groom skin care strategies


Premarital maintenance is the thing that every bride must do before marriage, how can ability make his skin more moist? Today's wedding photography editor shares with you.

1. Facial care

The bride facial nursing is very important, when it's in the bride's face service regularly purify is corneous, supplement moisture, apply with suitable skin mask, sunscreen and emulsion everything cannot little, oh.

2. Hand care

Hands is the most easy to overlook the bride, wearing a wedding ring hands also remember to maintain, if the bride like nail that before marriage can be a nail, let oneself of the hand more natural aesthetic feeling.

3. Eye fine lines

The bride with fine lines on the eyes should start nursing a few months before the wedding. It is necessary to choose a suitable eye repair cream to improve the fine lines on the eyes.

Above is the wedding photography editor to share with you the new couple skincare tips, I hope the bride will be able to maintain their skin before marriage.

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