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Three trends in wedding style


Trend 1: return to nature, return to innocence

From the hustle and bustle of the city, return to the essence of life, let the sea, beach, sunshine, the trees, witness the promise of love, this should be the most fashionable concept, the couple and their wedding guests in the natural and pure and fresh environment, not only can fully relax and enjoy the moment, find the origin of love, more will leave unforgettable memories for life. The beautiful natural scenery of wedding dress photography attracts many newly-married couples to come because of the pure romantic atmosphere and environment, which is their best love witness.

Trend 2: enjoy a relaxing wedding

Each couple want their wedding to be perfect, but sometimes don't know how to do it, especially in China, often forget that they are the leading role of wedding, often be obliged to, only to find that is the day we get married, exhaustion of body and mind, no desire "continue to fight. As the bride is the most important is mentality, easy to maintain oneself, be happy and enjoy the whole process, rather than to go to all of her care, to yourself a few surprises space, all these things to your wedding experts to attend to it and to actually find a trustworthy, creative wedding banquet experts to help yourself, can not only enjoy the banquet experts to provide professional services, more is that they can let the couple and guests completely liberated from the wedding trival, and can give new surprise continuously creative forms. Wedding experts will also determine the special wedding theme of xiamen wedding photography according to the bride and groom's requirements

Trend 3: I'm in charge of my wedding

Based on the traditional wedding dress, the style and color of wedding dress in 2016 presents a diversified trend. While towing elegant white wedding dress is still the mainstream, but with the rich, such as the bottom of the sea, yacht wedding wedding wedding forms, such as beach wedding, garden wedding, the bride wedding dress style and the color will change with the change of the wedding theme and, if you are a pursuit of personality, pay attention to the perfect bride, might as well try a professional design, act according to actual circumstances, such as the beach wedding can be designed for the bride with yarn bikini, the groom can be completely free from dress, leisure clothing choice, hemp, and even yarn materials, coupled with tropical garland, whereas the rainforest wedding could go "wizard" fairy style such as underwater wedding photography

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