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Write to you to be married: Precautions for bride preparation



?After the wedding photo shoot is completed, we must prepare our own wedding. Many newcomers are very prepared for marriage. However, on the day of the marriage, we always find that there are some flaws. How can we make our wedding a smooth and romantic experience? Today Xiao Bian shares with you.

1. Choose the right shoes. Although the Chinese wedding is festive, but the bride should not choose red when choosing the color of the shoes. The red shoes are too uncoordinated with the white yarn. The most suitable white yarn is the silver shoes. On the grade.

2. The choice of underwear. When choosing the underwear, the bride should choose according to the style of the wedding dress. When choosing the color of the underwear, do not choose the color too dark so as not to print the color of the underwear across the wedding dress.

3. The choice of bridal makeup. Fresh and elegant bridal makeup can not only make the bride look decent, but also give a fresh and natural feeling, too heavy makeup does not seem to be suitable for personal wedding.

The above are the precautions that brides who Xiaobian shared with you to prepare for marriage. I hope that you will be able to make your wedding more smooth and happy.

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