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Korean wedding props use


1, Korean wedding classic props - stairs

The stairs are really a good prop in wedding photography. Whether it's a spiral staircase or an ordinary stair, as long as the photography is allowed and then the beautiful movement is appropriate, you can take a wedding photo with a very beautiful style at that time.

Korean wedding photographs are still extremely tight on the selection of the stairs. It is proposed to choose small, smart, or simple stairs. The best selection of elements is the brushed staircase and wooden stairs, which can best show out the indoor set wedding photos. The warm feeling.


2, Korean wedding classic props - mirror

Using mirrors to make props is the most suitable for the bride alone. It can create different feelings and atmospheres. The bride in the mirror seems to be more able to show off the bride's graceful temperament.

There is no huge limit to the selection of mirrors. As long as the mirrors are simple in appearance, many mirrors will be divided into some eyeballs that care about the bride's eyes. The large mirror is suitable for shooting the distant view. The skills; small mirror adapted to shoot Jin Jing, surprisingly the bride looks like a groomed dress, this photography bride only scruples to express the expression of attitude on it.


3, Korean wedding classic props - petals

The dry petal is really an extremely effective item. It is no better than creating the atmosphere or the finishing touch. Korean wedding photos are also commonly used to make wedding photos only pleasure.

The petal rain is the most important tool for the construction of well-being in Korean wedding photos. This type of wedding photograph focuses on the momentary capture, and the results of the photos show the best attitude of the new people. The amount of petal rain is extremely tight. A small amount can be sprinkled on the top of the new head to prevent it from floating over to the new face and affect the photo effect. On the contrary, it can be more around. However, petals do not need too much, but they have the opposite effect.

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