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The art of wedding toasting


Giving alcohol to the elders is a necessary process at the ceremony. It is the highlight of a wedding and it is also the only opportunity for guests and newcomers to interact. The order of new people toasting is also very particular, first is the main table, the first to respect their own elders, and then begin to respect relatives. The marriage family is now sharing tips on toasting with you.


The order of wedding toasting is very important. First, the ceremonies will allow the guests present to make a toast to the groom and the bride. The next step is to greet the guests with the newcomers, to thank the first toasters, to acknowledge the parents of the two parties, and to the bridesmaids. We toast. The bridesmaids and groomsmen must also pay homage and send their best wishes. Finally, the groom's father toasted and represented the bride's parents, thanking guests for their presence.


The toast to guests is usually started by the two elders, then the relatives and parents of colleagues, friends, and finally with their new friends, classmates, colleagues. This will prevent people of all types who have relationships with the bride and groom from having opinions and avoid omissions. Everyone at each table should be respected as much as possible. When toasting, the newcomers must personally fill the glasses for the guests and carry their hands to the guests, but do not force the guests to drink.

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