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Bride pure white wedding classic interpretation


The white wedding dress is simple, generous, and natural. It will never be eliminated. No matter how you take a wedding photo, almost every bride will choose a white wedding dress. The classic beauty of a pure white wedding dress dates back to the moment when Queen Elizabeth wore a white wedding dress for the first time. It is also because of its traditions and classics that in seeking new ideas and seeking alternative young brides, it seems to lack new ideas and slightly stick to stereotypes.

Wen Hao ladies beige wedding dress

Regardless of the bride of the East or West, the classic bride temperament created by the subtle and sweet image has always been the most respected mainstream. Delicate and lightweight rice white gauze, dexterous and delicate wrinkles, just the right strap design, not only looks dignified, stable, internal show, but also show the bride a beautiful shoulder, neck, back curve. Coupled with the classic princess-style plate hair and light-colored ball-shaped bouquet, it successfully created an impeccable perfect bride.

Gorgeous palace retro rice white wedding dress

The beige color is recognized as a warm and subtle color, but as the main color, the beige color can be freely combined with various colors and materials to create a different style of wedding dress. Bright yellow, bright yellow, bright golden, mellow white, beige or flesh-pink pearls, gold, tinsel... soft beige, with retro palace elements can show noble and graceful Temperament, like the fairy tale Cinderella put on crystal shoes, instantly bright and moving.

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