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The only romantic attitude of new women of The Times: NICOLE + FELICIA 2018 spring and summer wedding dress


NICOLE + FELICIA has launched a new series of spring and summer 2018, which interprets evening wear and wedding dress series with its unique colorful technology and advanced customization concept. This season designers with different material mix to deduce the classic design and inspiration, the brand will be unique beaded top technology and fashion geometry totem, luxurious fabrics combining, shows the integration of classical and new beautiful contour, and plenty chun xia diversiform colour profusion, create more young, romantic and luxurious style across age innovation.

As a young brand, NICOLE + FELICIA has quickly become popular with many famous celebrities and celebrities in her short period of 2 years since her establishment. Her high-order wedding dress and evening dress have taken over the starlight red carpet of various indicative ceremonies. After Yang, liu tao, xiaotong guan, Lin Yun, Ming xi, Ann, lin2 xin such as, jolin tsai, michelle Chen, bea Hayden, small S, and many other stars are wearing NICOLE + FELICIA red carpet and to attend important activities.

Romance and conflict between parallel different shading element mix build a new generation of white gauze dream preferred NICOLE + FELICIA always have the courage to break through the routine, good at will with a unique style incorporated in the wedding dress design, the luxuriant element of interpretation of contemporary women bold breakthrough self-handicapping and blooming unique charm. Spring/summer 2018 white gauze series, stylist USES multi-level and different material for the first time in eye, mix design is fit clipping and perspective model a charming and sexy curves, and elaborate on top of Aldo lace diamond decoration spread to skirt, just like dotted with shining expensive gas of gold foil, luxurious details the dizzying. In order to highlight the contemporary dress brand new outline and the extremely luxurious fabrics, rich with Tess, golden onion dry gauze, French flexible pipe, etc., supplemented by the narrow peng and romantic fold skirt design, perfect show administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling, let the skirt with different material joining together into the fashion element to build a new marriage gauze, outside the luxuriant dust added a young vibrant atmosphere, focus on creating an outline of the modern and luxury expensive gas young women. Tassel sexy dancing rhythm black feather hovering deduce acme charm women continues the classic brand of tassel element, NICOLE + FELICIA this season for the first time will play a more diverse tassel design adornment detail, let female between gestures to show attractive streamline rhythm, with a strong visual beauty, collocation is formfitting skirt design and more exquisite, colorful bead embroidering diagram teng, bold of luxuriant can still wear a spring of light energy.

Originated in the ultimate pursuit of aesthetic feeling and haute couture process, the designer of this one season is rich to use gentle and romantic stereo carve patterns or designs on woodwork, feather light dance hovering in pearl sequins, the beauty of the crystal, such as luxury between elements, will be full of vitality and luxury of ostrich feathers and the goose feather, with exquisite workmanship play more heavy and complicated modern beautiful decoration, linger around between gait dust is clever and beautiful atmosphere, more like the modern women free yearning for beauty. Coloring, is different from the previous season a lot of lively and bright colors, such as the bare gold, quiet blue, rose pink kelly on collocation, brilliant red, etc., at the same time with 3 to 5 kinds of colour mix to create beautiful and lively sense of profusion, bring a spring soft and fresh.

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