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How to choose the right wedding dress  



A good wardrobe always let a person look good, no matter what kind of person you are, dress can be seen on a person's nature, the tailor makes the man horse saddle, a good outfit also can show a person's temperament, to beginners of photography, photography should be how to choose the wedding dress, this is a very important problem, only choose the right wedding photos, to make their wedding photos more beautiful.

In the eyes of most people, it must be the most beautiful wedding dress, it is not wrong, but the couple when the choice, must consider first what kind of style that oneself like, what style you want to shoot wedding photos, if you take a landscapes in dahongpao it's not appropriate, so the couple must choose yourself first before selecting clothes to the style of the filming.

Before choosing the right style for the shoot, it's time for the couple to choose a wedding dress. Now a lot of wedding photography studio will buy some beautiful dress, set auger, particularly costly, but it is especially you wear a wedding dress to thousands of dollars, this is not everyone can wear, and the wedding dress is not suitable for taking pictures, this will only make clothes become bright spot and ignore the existence of the bride.

Want to shoot a good wedding photos, the couple must first choose a good wedding photography studio, dalian feather impression wedding photography all have their own version of the design and production, is based on Chinese unique style design, both the Chinese elements with foreign style, the most important is completely designed for photography, this is the only one, unique.

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The skill of a bride taking wedding photos with her short hair



In the heart of every woman, has a head of beautiful long hair and a pair of long legs is a wonderful thing, but in general, men are like woman has long hair, and long hair can arbitrarily change hair style, women can experience the different aesthetic feeling, but little imagine, some people are not suitable for long hair, and short hair is the most suitable, for short hair girl, how to take good photos?

Short hair the bride how to take good photos, this is the problem that a lot of short hair the bride upset, like long hair, short hair can't make it all sorts of hair, do a little appear drab, in fact, for each person, each person has each person's characteristics, some people with long hair is very good-looking, and some people will appear nondescript, short hair the bride also can change the delicate makeup look, must be as good as long hair girl.

Short hair the bride is relatively more lively and lovely, in photography, the bride can wear short skirt, with a pair of pink shoes, pink hair clips, it's very youth, a kind of cute. According to small make up so many years of experience, short hair bride is actually easier to match clothes, in makeup and other aspects will not be so troublesome, the effect will not be bad.

Short hair the bride how to take good photos, small make up feel hair actually is not important, temperament is more important, whether it is what to wear clothes, whether it is a long hair short hair, as long as the temperament is out, will you still afraid of photos not good-looking?

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Summer style wedding dress



Summer is not suitable for heavy wedding dresses, not only because of the hot weather, but also with the wedding style, summer weddings are mainly cool, and there are many new people choose a yacht wedding, seaside wedding, etc., this time Need a bikini wedding dress. Deep V-neck styling, or a string tie that highlights the clavicle, will make your wedding look lively and sexy.
Deep V-neck style: deep V-neck vision can stretch the bride's head and neck ratio. If prospective brides want to show their slender neck and sexy collarbone, it is not the case.
Bandage styling: The banding styling was extremely popular in the spring and summer of the year 09. The tying design increased the strong effect of the bridal wear, and the winding lines also increased the level of detail.
Thin string style: The string sling reminds us of the joy of childhood running in the field, and the fluffy floral decoration can create the sweetest wedding dress for the petite bride.
Lace-up with lotus leaf styling: The lean and tall bridesmaid can choose a style with a high-waist lace-up wedding dress. While displaying a slender posture, the lotus leaf lace will ablate your shoulder curve and increase the dynamics.

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