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How can you take a good look when you are shooting a wedding dress?



There are a lot of women who like to put on double eyelids, eyelashes, eyeliner and so many complicated procedures to make their eyes beautiful. Eyes are the quintessence of the five senses, but how do you take wedding photos to make your eyes look better? Please have a look at the proposal.

When shooting, the photographer should use tungsten lamp as the lighting tool to make more eyes light. This kind of eye light can make the eye change more acuteness, acuteness, cause more diffuse eye light, the eye can become introverted, implicit wait for extremely seductive look.

Look up at the stone, the bride and groom's jaw must be kept high, eyes should not be too wide open, otherwise the face will be more rigid. The eyebrows are stretched as far as possible, with a grin on the mouth, which is a bit more lively than the original. The whole facial expression is consistent to make the picture more beautiful.

The eyes should be kept natural, do not shake, and the eyes are a little bit. The eyes are blurred and attractive.

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What should be paid attention to in autumn wedding photo shoot?



Autumn is the golden season for farmers to harvest, and the golden time for each couple to get married. The temperature is right, the weather is cool, and if you want to take wedding photos in the cool autumn, you should pay attention to the following items.

The bride should not drink too much water and eat spicy food the night before, so as to avoid the swelling of the eyes the next day and keep the mood happy. The groom should fix the beard and nose hair, the underwear should not choose the color, the dark color is good.

Try on a dress to match the skin tone of the bride and groom, for example, the bronzed skin can be paired with a pure white dress, and the yellow skin can be paired with powder green or pink orange.

Small brides can wear high-waisted, veiling gowns. The long body can choose to highlight the two arms of the dress, in addition to lace to highlight the collarbone underwear. Plump brides can opt for a straight line dress, which makes them look a little slimmer.

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Pink erotic pregnant with wedding dress, round your princess dream

Under the background of water pink silk cushions, the pink silk satin wedding dress has a princess's pure dreamland, soft luster and texture, and sweet folds. They all offer the highest praise for the bride who prefers the traditional style. Pink purple and pink smoke are rendered. The beauty of the bouquet is naturally varied, and the concise and delicate plate is dotted with the same gentle pink ribbon bow. Petal-shaped collar wrapped in a wedding dress on the chest, with layers of lace gradually spread into the pink tones of the A-line skirt. The pink satin-like waistband is dotted with delicate and stretched court-style lace like a vintage floral ornament, emphasizing a fashionable high-waist line. Design; inspired by the elegant color scheme of pink and ivory in the decorative painting. The asymmetric oblique skirt, the natural texture of the folds make the fabric of modern fabric full of fashion: shallow fresh water pink in the pleated edging, corrugated corset, and matt textured silk textured texture Rich and changeable; the shiny decoration on the bridal chest echoes the starry luster on the side of the ear. A romantic pink gauze dress will make you shine on the lawn wedding ceremony. The soft pink water will look good on dark skin, while the rose pink is more suitable for those fair-skinned brides. The exquisite beaded embroidered on the corset of the corset, the sweet fantasy of the open layered tulle spread under the low-waist line, and the dignified long drag skirt also became brisk at this time. Read more at: wedding gowns sydney | wedding dress brisbane